Gabriel headed down the stairs to his fathers study knocking on the door. Aldun called for him to enter, taking a deep breath Gabriel opened the door, walking over her took a seat at the desk next to his father.  Aldun looked up “ yes, can I help you?”.  “Father do you know what is wrong with Jaedyn?” Gabriel asked.  

“Besides that fact she seems incapable of doing the most simple task expected of a wife and produce and heir?” Aldun answered matter of factly. 

“Father you didn’t say that to her did you?” Gabriel asked suddenly concerned.  

“Not in so many words” Aldun answered. “ Im not going to smother her the way you seem so insistent on doing son, she need to be told that’s she’s failing you”.  

“She’s not failing me father” Gabriel protested.  

“Well she’s certainly not doing her duty, Peters young wife Brianna has already provided him with an heir and they have been married less than a year.” 

“Well good for Peter” Gabriel snapped “ it’s not fair of you to upset Jaedyn she’s trying her best she wants a child as much as I do” Gabriel explained.  

“Want does not get in this world son and the sooner your realise that the better”. Aldun snapped,

“ Something’s need to be worked for”.  

“She is working for it, Im not sure what you expect her to do” Gabriel argued.  

“Perhaps there is nothing she can do, perhaps she’d simply barren have you thought about that?” Aldun asked.  

“I can’t say that I have” Gabriel answered “ and if she is what exactly do you expect me to do about it?”. 

“Have you thought about taking a mistress?” Aldun asked matter of factly, “ if your wife can not produce and heir perhaps a mistress could, it’s not a perfect solution but at least you would have a backup should Jaedyn continue to fail”.  

“No!!! “ Gabriel protested, “ Having a mistress would crush Jaedyn”.  

“Well I wasn’t expecting you to tell her” Aldun answered.  

Gabriel shook his head “ father that is ridiculous, she is my wife and I will not dishonour her in such a way”.  

“It is perfectly normal for a man to have a mistress “ Aldun growled under his breath “And it’s about time you started to act like one, I did not raise you to be a fop”.  

Gabriel’s face went purple “ Im am not a fop” he fumed “ respecting my wife makes me no less of a man”.  

Aldun glared back “ I’ll tell you, what I told Jaedyn, you have a year if there are no sign’s of a grandchild imminent I will replace her, I’ll send her to the convent and there is not a damn thing you can do about it. If you want to save her that then I suggest you produce a child, with her or a mistress I don’t care which”.  

Gabriel fumed turning he stormed out of the study slamming the door behind him he headed back to his wife.

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