Kaitlyn Witness’s How Far Daniel Will Go.

“It’s a disgrace” Kaitlyn fumed, “First he takes away his birth right and now he’s telling us he’ll no longer pay for Duncan’s schooling, he knows damn well we can’t afford it, this .. This is a conspiracy” 

Lar’s sighed, his wife had been upset since Duncan lost the crown to Daniel and quite rightly so. At the time Daniel had suggested Lar’s and Kaitlyn take Duncan home to the cabin allow the events to settle he’d said.  Let Duncan grieve the lose of his uncle. 

However a few weeks later when they’d tried to send him back to his training he’d been refused entry. Kaitlyn had tried to see Daniel but he always seemed busy. Which naturally translated into Daniel was avoiding her.  Now after two months of uncertainty a letter had finally arrived from Daniel to say he could no longer afford Duncan’s training and it was being withdrawn. 

“Does he really think us naive enough to believe he can’t afford it? This is all about getting Duncan out of the way, he is scared that’s all scared that Duncan will rally supporters and seize the crown back” 

Lar’s remained silent, anything he said at this point would fall on deaf ears. He would have suggested life in the mountains wasn’t so bad, that he’d teach Duncan to hunt and skin but it wouldn’t do any good, it wasn’t the sort of life Kaitlyn wanted for her son. 

“I suppose we should expect to see Alistair back here soon enough” she continued, “No doubt he’ll want him out of the way too.. having more right to the crown that that ungrateful, coward. And have you noticed how we haven’t even been invited to the coronation?? Dirty rotten coward, a man would at least face what he did” 

“I got a letter from Anna this morning” Lar’s interrupted trying to change the subject, “Can yer read it fer me? I’d be asking one of the girls but with anna’s step mom dead an all I didn’t wanna let um read it case it said somethin bad about the new babe” 

Kaitly huffed she knew when she was being interrupted. “Sure” she sighed “hand it over, I’m sorry I know I keep going on about it but between that and Tarik im not sure if im coming or going. If im truthful here is the last place I want any of my children right now” 

“Bah we’ll be fine, dur mages won’t bother us here.. I explained didn’t i?” 

“Yes yes.. the guardian spirit protects us” 

“Aye so as long as none of yus go’s out the clearing you’ll be safe” he smiled, holding out the crumpled note. 

Kaitlyn took it and opened it “It’s not the point Lars we shouldn’t be practical prisoners in our own home” Scanning the note she read the words. “the baby’s fine” she smiled “Raeanne sounds like she’s enjoying spending time with her.  She says Orrick’s better … “ suddenly she went quiet “Oh…. Lars she’s asking to stay. She thinks her father needs a woman around the house to help take care of the girls” 

“Stay fer how long” Lar’s asked. 

“Stay for good I think” Kaitlyn replied. 

Lar’s pondered the notion, his gut reaction was to scream no, thinking of his grandchild or more to the point the blood that flowed though his grandchilds vains. His blood, warewolf blood. 

“She can’t Kait” he replied feeling a little guilty, Raeanne had been lonely here, other than Kaitlyn and now Alice she had little in the way of company and her chances of re-marrying where slim to none while she remained in the mountains. 

“Oh Lar’s can’t we let her, this is no place for a single woman to live” 

“Heather manages” 

“Don’t be silly Lar’s Heather and Raeanne are barely the same species, Raeanne isn’t made for the mountains” 

“Aye Lass maybe not” he replied “But I can’t risk Skye fer the sake of Anna can I?” 

“How much risk is there?” 

“Plenty if she get’s ter teen with a bit o’wolf in her, look what happened wit Alice even the vamp’s couldn’t control her” 

“I know but things seem to have settled down with Vincent, do you really think he’d do her harm after looking after Alice all those years?” 

Lars shrugged “I give up trying to think like a vamp years ago, asides that doesn’t mean there wouldn’t’ be trouble if Skye grew up outside the pack” 

“Well what are the chances really? You said to me less than one in ten babys born take on the wolf” Kaitlyn reasoned “Couldn’t we have her to visit one weekend a moon? For you to teach her and maybe tell Raeanne, Skye has to come back and live with you when she starts on her monthlys” 

“An how do you suggest I explain that?” 

“ … I don’t know tell her it’s so you can find her a husband… you’re her grandfather, tell her you see it as your duties now Wolf’s dead” 

“I dunno Kait, don’t like the idea” 

“Lar’s please, Raeanne isn’t happy here.. she stands no chance of finding a another man. Let her live with Orrick he’s a good man he’ll take care of her I’m sure” 

Lar’s huffed, he didn’t like the idea at all he was just about to tell her to let him think on it, when a distant rumble in the mountains echoed across the valley causing the ground to shake. “What the hell” he cursed, running to the front door Kaitlyn following quickly behind. 

Reaching the clearing the could see billows of smoke rising from the pass which made it’s way down to Grimstead. 

“Tarik?” Kaitlyn gasped. 

“Nar… not Tarik” Lar’s growled, pointing across the clearing where a boy on a horse galloped with speed towards them. 

“Alistair!” Kaitlyn shouted running towards the boy. 

“What’s going?” On Heather called finally emerging from her cabin. 

“Guessin It’s Daniels way of letting us know where no longer welcome in Grimstead” he called back, watching as Kaitlyn helped the boy from the horse and headed back towards him. 

“I don’t understand” Kaitlyn called. 

“Looks like Daniels blocked the pass” Lar’s chuckled. “I guess Anna’s gonna hefta stay put after all” 

“He’s blocked the pass!” Kaitlyn shook her head, “why is that funny??” 

“Cause he thinks he can trap two werewolves in a pass with a bit of mud and rock” he chuckled.

One response to “Kaitlyn Witness’s How Far Daniel Will Go.

  1. Oh my God! Daniel, you ass!! First you deny Duncan and Alistair their birthright, and now you take away their education?

    I almost want to tell Heather and Lars to take the protections off the castle … if the vamps want Daniel, they can have him. He’s getting dangerously close to deserving it. :(

    But I think it’s interesting that Raeanne and Skye are staying with Orrick for now. :) At least they’re out of the line of fire if either Tarik or Daniel decides that Lars or Duncan and Alistair respectively are growing too much of a nuisance.

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