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Gabriel Proposes

Roana  knew as soon as word reached her of Siren’s slumber that her place in the hierarchy of the castle suddenly multiplied, no-one knew how long her mistress would sleep though she believed it could possibly be for a long time.

Her instruction’s where clear, take over the persona of Sara Archangel acting as the Dutchess in all ways until either her mistress awoke or Vincent found a way of excusing the mistress’s presence.  Continue reading

Vincent Says Goodbye

If Vincent could weep he would be doing so, but these days tears where nothing more than a forced bodily reaction he used to pretend to be human. 

Her Lady’s had washed her, changed her and cleaned her up as best as they could considering the charred flesh that didn’t heal. For all intents and purposes a torpered Vampire resembled a dead human corpse and so much of this felt like he was saying goodbye.  Continue reading

Vincent Prepared

A symphony of howl’s broke the silence of the basement, echoing off the stone a warning of what was to come. “Werewolves” Vincent muttered it didn’t take a genius to know the howl’s came from more than just Lar’s and Heather. They needed to leave, they needed to leave quickly. 

With the bloodied and unconscious Asha at his feet, he scooped her up and headed down the second set of stairs to where things had gone quiet.  Continue reading