Gabriel Proposes

Roana  knew as soon as word reached her of Siren’s slumber that her place in the hierarchy of the castle suddenly multiplied, no-one knew how long her mistress would sleep though she believed it could possibly be for a long time.

Her instruction’s where clear, take over the persona of Sara Archangel acting as the Dutchess in all ways until either her mistress awoke or Vincent found a way of excusing the mistress’s presence. 

She hadn’t been overly surprised when she was told that Gabriel Hamdun was waiting for her in the lounge.  She found herself nervous she’d never had to deal with matters of a political nature before.   

While she was well informed of Vincent’s stance of most of the affairs of the kingdom and had a good understanding of how she’d be expected to respond. She didn’t have any of the gifts of the vampires, nor did she have influence over her mistress’s blood bond with Gabriel, totally reliant on her own wiles she felt out of her depth.. this was more than simply filling in at a party.   

“Lord Hamdun” she smiled entering the lounge and heading over to meet him with her hand extended. 

Taking it he kissed it lightly “Dutchess” he nodded. 

“So what do I own this pleasure?” 

Gabriel looked around the room, in clear awe. “It’s an impressive castle you have” he smiled. 

“You are kind” she replied, offering him a seat which he eagerly took. Sitting next to him she looked at him expectantly. 

“I’m going to be blunt” Gabriel began “I think we are both too mature to play games” 

“I’m listening” Roana replied. 

“I think it would be a good move to unit our family’s pooling our resources would give us un-rivalled power in the kingdom, un-rivalled by even the king” 

Roana found herself amused, she couldn’t help but a smile drew on her face. She knew what he was going to propose before it even left his mouth, more than that Vincent has suspected it as well and had already schooled her respond. 

“What’s so funny?” he asked. 

“I’m already un-rivalled” she replied “but still what exactly is your proposition?” 

“A marriage between our familys” 

“Really? Between who?” 

“You and Me of course” 

“Oh” Roana smiled. Ok so perhaps it wasn’t exactly what she’d been expecting. Shed expected him to request Arabella not Siren herself “Well that’s very flattering but im not sure it would work, I’m alittle old for you, I already have a grown daughter” 

“I assumed you had her very young”

“I did, but still.. I am honoured but sadly I can not accept the proposition” 


“You expect me to hand control of my estates to you? That doesn’t seem like an agreement that holds much in my favour” 

“Would it not be a relief to have a man about the place to run things” 

“I manage quite well alone” she replied, but noted the cool expression on Gabriel’s face that told her the refusal was not being taken well. “I’m flattered I really am” she smiled “It’s nice to know a young man like yourself doesn’t think my past the age of baring children. But still realistically I am much too old, and sadly not willing to forfeit my lands to any man” 

“What if I was not willing to take no for an answer?” he pushed in a manner that made the young woman feel uneasy. 

“You should not be offended” she smiled hoping to calm him, uncertain if she’d somehow offended him “It is not a slur on your character, merely my unwillingness to release control of what I have”  she added quickly. 

“You know Sara there has been precedence’s for the church to intervene forcing a marriage between two people” he continued, closing the gap between them leaving no doubt to his suggestion. 

She heart beating she thought quickly, what would Siren do… oh yes command him, dominate him, and failing that killing him but sadly she was not Siren and none of those gifts where her’s. 

Pulling herself together she calmly looked him square in the eye. “I think it’s time you left” she replied calmly “but before you get idea’s ahead of your station, perhaps you should also remember you are no longer the biggest fish in the pond and you wouldn’t want me as an enemy”

One response to “Gabriel Proposes

  1. Something tells me that a marriage between Roana/”Sara” and Gabriel would last only until Vincent was feeling peckish.

    She’s a brave woman, though, she is, taking the [redacted] on like that. Even if she was nervous and has vampire backup, she still stood up to him. I think both Gabriel and Peter could have used a strong woman telling them to back off more when they were younger.

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