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Anya Isn’t Excited.

Maegan bounded into Anya’s room no sooner than the young girl had shut the door. “Well?” she demanded her eye’s dancing with excitement “What did you think?” 

“He was aright I suppose” Anya replied non-committally.  Continue reading

Two Piece Piano

Anya’s heart beat ten to the dozen she could not explain how terrified she felt as she was ushered into the lounge where Baron Dacre sat waiting and the fact that Christopher and Maegan both sat in attendance did little to ease her nerves. 

She knew a decision had been made and while part of her leapt for joy at what she’d started to think was a foolish girls dream, part of her could hardly believe, he the most powerful man in the kingdom second only to the king had chosen her. He hasn’t been bullied or cajoled by her father, of all the eligible women he has asked specifically for her. Continue reading

Danson Is Rejected

“You really aren’t happy about me being here are you?” Danson noted, Anya and Maegan had just been rushed out of the room leaving the pair alone save for the doorman standing outside. 

“How did you guess?” Raeanne replied sarcastically.  Continue reading