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Anya is given a choice

“How is he?” Vincent smiled as his wife walked in through the door having not seen her since she’d gone to tend to her father.

“He’s better I did what you suggested, just a few drops at a time… just until he seemed over the worst of it…. He’ll even still have a scar”

“That’s good” Vincent nodded, leaning down so she could kiss him on the cheek “The less obvious the better”

“How have you been?” she asked seeming to sense there was something wrong, her eye’s suddenly full of worry and so they should be.

“They came” he admitted, “But we knew they would”

“The council?” Continue reading

Dealing with the Consequences Later

“Are you angry with me?” Vincent asked, when they reached the house. She’d been quiet the whole way home. Shaking her head she tried desperately to understand, he could help him.  One tiny little thing and her husband could make it all go away.  “Please try to understand” he urged. “It’s not our way”

“You’ve helped others” she reasoned, “You said yourself that war was coming, the hunters are not going to stay quiet for long. Don’t you think my father could help?”

“Anya it’s not that simple” Continue reading

Vincent Deal’s With The Capadocian’s

Vincent walked into Anya’s chambers; she was stood by the window gazing out into the darkness undoubtedly waiting for him.

He smiled she was starting the show… perhaps not to human eye’s but he could see that while her old gowns still fit her they the gathered and bunched sitting awkwardly on the slight bump.

However his smiled quickly faded, when he saw the look on her face. “What’s the matter?” he asked wrapping his arms around her and allowing her to rest her head upon the crook of his shoulder. Continue reading

Anya Learn’s How Well He Knows

Anya found herself in a sudden spin, one of the maids had come to her and told her the Baron was waking and that he would probably feed but would be with her shortly.

The past few days had been a whirlwind, a gruesome and bloody whirlwind and she found herself constantly darting from one side of the fence to the other. Continue reading

Vincent Arrives At The Castle

Anya followed her husband though the weave of corridor’s in the duchess’s castle. She’d only been here once or twice before but it was only now she understood the scale of it. Daniel’s castle was large, larger even hand Gabriel’s but the duchess’s castle dwarfed both with ease. Continue reading

None of them Good

Her husband had been quiet the whole carriage ride and while Skye and Isabel chattered excitedly during their journey her husband had barely said a word.  It was as human as any emotion she had ever known like a great weight sat on his shoulders.

“Are you thinking about the people in the church?” she asked.

“No” he replied sounding troubled. Looking up from the window he reached out his hand touching hers.

She flinched. Drawing away from him, it hadn’t been a conscious action and the look on his face when it happened caused her to instantly regret it.  “I’m sorry” she apologised. Continue reading

Valdermar Loses Hope

Anya had been on edge ever since she’d watched Vincent head into the cellar. Thankfully whatever he’d been doing down there had been quiet there had not been a single sound at least none of which she’d been close enough to hear.

Valdermar was even more twitchy than usual, he’d spent a good deal of the day seemly trying to convince them both that the people in the cellar deserved what they got.  Continue reading