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Asha finds the key

Asha stared at the ceiling though her eye did not focus on what lay there at all, instead all her focus lay on what was going on in her own body.

For weeks she had on and off watched what her own body did she had learned a great deal about what it did. She knew that now and then her body produced a little spark of life… that spark travelled and then died resulting in her monthly bleed. Continue reading


Duncan gets a gift

“I would like to give him a small estate” Tarik explained, “Something he could run in Darkfire. Hadrien is struggling even with the help of his steward and I thought if I broke two small chunks off I could give something small to both Duncan and Quillen”

“Wont the Hamdun’s be upset?” Continue reading

The Step that can’t be undone

Faulke loved every minute he spent with Asha, she was so unlike any of the girls he’d grown up with but one of the best things was also one of the worst.  Her fierce independence made her interesting and challenging but it also made her argumentative, difficult and sometimes completely impossible to reason with.

Times where difficult, she was often distracted and the stress of needing to complete the lords spell weighed heavily on the girl he loved. She often spoke of the lord, she held no like for him and yet she was torn, between the desires to do what was right and fair against the need to protect the ones she loved. Continue reading

Gabriel Makes His Bed

“What does this mean for me?” Helena dared to ask. The house had been in quite a buzz since the news of Gabriel’s somewhat shock betrothal.

“It doesn’t change anything” he soothed, kissing her neck and running his hand down her side and onto her waist. “You’ll stay… Maegan is a convenience, you understand. I need her here but it won’t change my feeling for you”

“Will you move me?” she asked, “into the village” Continue reading

Once We Are Wed

“Are you going to try and talk me out of it as well” Maegan asked, briefly glancing behind her as her grandmother entered the room.

“Would there be any point?” the King’s mother smiled.

“No” Maegan decided, staring out of the window, enjoying her last few days of freedom. The wedding had not yet been arranged but judging by Gabriel’s reaction he wasn’t going to let it drag on for long. He seemed quite happy to forgo the pomp and ceremony eager to have it done quickly. Undoubtedly worried she’d change her mind or that Orrick would learn of it and try and stop her. Continue reading

Meagan Decides Her Own Fate

“Uncle may I speak with you?” Maegan asked, it had been a whirlwind decision and her stomach lurched but she knew what she had to do.  Daniel nodded, waving her into his study, she’d already seen Ailana and Sophie and both Hamdun woman had agreed this was the only solution.

“How are you feeling?” he asked.

“Terrified” she replied “But I know what I need to do…. I must marry him… mustn’t i?”

“Maegan no” her uncle retorted, “No… I forbid it” Continue reading

Dealing with the Consequences Later

“Are you angry with me?” Vincent asked, when they reached the house. She’d been quiet the whole way home. Shaking her head she tried desperately to understand, he could help him.  One tiny little thing and her husband could make it all go away.  “Please try to understand” he urged. “It’s not our way”

“You’ve helped others” she reasoned, “You said yourself that war was coming, the hunters are not going to stay quiet for long. Don’t you think my father could help?”

“Anya it’s not that simple” Continue reading