Anya is given a choice

“How is he?” Vincent smiled as his wife walked in through the door having not seen her since she’d gone to tend to her father.

“He’s better I did what you suggested, just a few drops at a time… just until he seemed over the worst of it…. He’ll even still have a scar”

“That’s good” Vincent nodded, leaning down so she could kiss him on the cheek “The less obvious the better”

“How have you been?” she asked seeming to sense there was something wrong, her eye’s suddenly full of worry and so they should be.

“They came” he admitted, “But we knew they would”

“The council?”

“Yes and they aren’t happy”

“Well…. What did they say?” she demanded.

“They are replacing me”


“I … im no longer to be the Prince of this fief, they are putting another Kindred in charge. They are unhappy with the progress I’ve made finding their rogue Tzmici and even less happy with how involved I am getting with the humans of the area”

“With me… you mean?”

“Yes… and the situation with your father didn’t help matters”

“So… so what does that mean?” she asked panicked.

“It means I must go away” he reasoned, “I need to spend some time with my own kind”

“But what will happen to me?”

“Im not sure… Rebekah has agreed at least for now to leave you unchanged”

“What do you mean, they want to turn me?”

“Yes… and no… they want me to decide which world your living in they say you can no-longer live in both”

“Then turn me!” she begged.

“I can’t… what about the baby?” he asked, watching as she suddenly seemed to remember it.

“Then as soon as it’s born” she reasoned, “I don’t want to be without you”

“Anya please” he begged, “We need to talk about it; it’s not a simple as that. Are you willing to give up the child for me? It’s … complicated, the council mean to cleanse the area… everyone who knows about us, will be made to forget and the new… Prince won’t be as forgiving as I was, he won’t let you keep it if you’re turned”


“Anya please try and understand, not every Prince is like me… I think perhaps its best that we allow them to wipe your memory as well”

“What?! No!” she exclaimed backing away in shock. “What do you mean… wipe mine? Delete you out of my mind?”

“No … not delete… just the knowledge of what I am, You’ll think I’ve died… that’s all. I’ll let you keep the estate, you’ll still be a noblewoman.. a powerful one at that”

I don’t want the estate” she shrieked, “I want you”

“Anya please… we knew the risks”  he begged, wishing in that moment that he could will himself to cry, desperately wanting her to know this hurt him as much as it hurt her.

“I didn’t know this!” she retorted angrily.

“I’m sorry Anya it’s the only way”

“It is not the only way!” she hissed, “You’re a coward”

“Anya you knew Kindred life would be complicated”

“Damn complicated, I can handle complicated… you’re talking about ending us! We’ve barely begun”

“I know it seems unfair” he admitted.

“It is unfair! What about your staff are they planning on cleansing them too?”

“No” he agreed, “Most of them are ghouls anyway… they don’t pose a threat”

“What but I do?” she guessed, “they think im no good for you?”

“They think you are a risk” he nodded, in truth it was more than that. Rebekah still seemed overly interested in the young woman. He didn’t know why but there was something the ancient kindred knew that he did not and that made him uneasy.  The one thing he could not deny however was that Anya muddled his mind, sometimes it was easy to forget what he was when she was near and right now it seemed Grimstead needed the Kindred more than the man.

“But … but I can help” she staggered.

“I know you can.. please Anya….” He begged.

“She can come with us” a voice purred, Anya span clearly not having noticed the Kindred stood in the corner earlier. Chances where Rebekah had hidden herself from Anya’s mortal eye’s but now she revealed herself he watched as the colour drained from his young wife’s face.

Rebekah was Ancient, well groomed and well-dressed she had forgone all pretence of being human centuries ago and Anya for the first time witnessed the awe kindred such as she could hold over mortals. Catching his young wife as her legs buckled beneath her.  “Anya I want you to stay here” he insisted.

“Let her decide for herself” Rebekah insisted her voice soft but powerful her authority over the situation certain. “Come with us Anya and you can return with Vincent as his child”

Vincent wanted to protest but suddenly he found his voice gone as Rebekah gave him a look that told him in no uncertain terms that he should remain quiet.

“I… I … “ Anya managed to mumble.

“Very well” Rebekah nodded, “Then it is decided”

One response to “Anya is given a choice

  1. … It is? I’m guessing Rebekah read her mind?

    And so the Council isn’t happy, at all. And Anya is still very special. Hmmm …

    I wonder, if the vampires don’t like the idea of humans knowing about them, if they have anything to do with Chris’s amnesia? That would be one knowing human down.

    But there is also Sophie, and Persia … and lots of other innocent people who are fortunately or unfortunately in this up to their necks. Oh dear. :(

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