Vincent Deal’s With The Capadocian’s

Vincent walked into Anya’s chambers; she was stood by the window gazing out into the darkness undoubtedly waiting for him.

He smiled she was starting the show… perhaps not to human eye’s but he could see that while her old gowns still fit her they the gathered and bunched sitting awkwardly on the slight bump.

However his smiled quickly faded, when he saw the look on her face. “What’s the matter?” he asked wrapping his arms around her and allowing her to rest her head upon the crook of his shoulder.

“I was thinking about Chris” she replied softly, “Do you think it was revenge for Peter, do you think Gabriel killed him because of me?”

“Hush now” he soothed, “this is not your fault”

“It just doesn’t seem right, we didn’t have a body to bury, it’s like it’s not quite real. Are we even sure? I mean could he not be injured somewhere?”  The question coming out in a torrent of desperation.

“Both myself and Arabella have looked for him, I’ve even summoned him… Anya he’s human if he’d heard my call he would have come”

“But what if he can’t” she whimpered “What if Gabriel has him prisoner… what then?”

“Then he wouldn’t be able to come” he agreed, “but Arabella doesn’t even feel him anymore”

“I don’t even know what that means”

“It just means she would know if he was still live” she didn’t answer again, instead she merely turned into his shoulder and cried.

He had blamed himself for this. Christopher had been treading on dangerous ground for a long time and he’d be lying if he said he hadn’t considered ghouling the young man for his own safety.  However instead he’d made the decision, to leave him fully human. Leave him with wholly his own mind. If only he hadn’t, if he hadn’t then the young man would have likely survived.

He was glad at least she turned to him, he would not have thought it possible a month ago but now she seemed to have come to accept him for what he was.

Life was not easy for her, Isabel still drifted in and out determined that he would not shelter her too much from the realities of it all.

However as difficult it was for her she coped and he found himself increasingly humbled by her strength.

“I need to go,  the others will be waking” he decided.

She nodded and pulled away, he hated to leave her … he hated even more to leave her for them. Exiting the room he made his way through one of many corridor’s that led to the cell’s… peering in one he could see a dozen kindred stirring from their slumber.

He’d fed all of them enough blood to wake, all except their ringleader Risa who he kept secured in another room.

“Good Evening” he called, “How are you all feeling?”

None of them answered, he could hear some faint growling but nothing that could really be considered speech.

Siren would have killed them all of them. Of that he was sure…. No better than dogs she would have said and how true she was. He didn’t know exactly what generation these Kindred where, how far removed from Caine but what he did know was that he’d never tasted blood so diluted, it was rancid almost unpalatable and what was more they were all Capadocian’s a clan he knew almost nothing about save they dealt with the dead.

Age and Generation bought various drawback’s as well as benefit’s it was impossible to know if any of these Kindred would even have the strength to harness any of their natural gifts or if he was the kindred to teach them.

Opening the cell he glanced around at the rabble, still he needed kindred if he was going to fight a war and these where the best he had.

“Good Evening” he smiled, his eye’s flicking to one of the individual’s in the crowd. “I am Vincent, your new Prince”

“Prince….” One of them, hissed you look a little old to be a Silverhand.

“Ohhh… I am far too old to be a Silverhand” he agreed, “I am your Kindred Prince and before you get any ideas. That means I am in charge”

“I don’t care who he Is” one of them growled “I’m hungry” for a moment it looked like the creature would charge him, but almost as soon as it thought it, it seemed to change its mind.

“You cannot attack me” Vincent reasoned, “I am too powerful… You have a lot to learn. Starting with respecting your elders”

“Where is Risa?” another hissed.

“She is safe and in my keeping, she was warned and this was the result. Now I am going to give you all a choice, learn what it is to be truly Kindred, learn how to deal with the world outside and live in peace with the human’s that live outside. If not I will put you out of the misery of this life and send you to the next”

“Me….. “ a voice in the crowd suddenly called out. “Me.. please”

His vampiric eye’s had no trouble locating the voice in the darkness, huddled in the corner was a girl. Walking over he reached out his hand and helped her to stand.

“Please kill me” she begged “I don’t want to be this way”

“What is your name?” he asked.  She had a dark complexion and brown hair, eye’s sparking beneath the filth, barely Anya’s age.

“Erin” she replied “Erin Talon”

Talon he knew that name. “Do you know Asha?” he asked.

“Yes sir” she nodded, “She’s my Cousin”

“Well Erin, Asha is a friend of mine and I’m almost certain she wouldn’t want you to die”

“But I am already dead” she reasoned.

“Perhaps” he agreed “But it doesn’t need to be the end.


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