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Peter learns about the plan.

Peter was dragged under the arms into Siren’s chambers, with a nod of the head the young woman who’d staked him removed the offending weapon and in a fit of panic Peter struggled his feet skidding across the stonework as he tried to find them. 

“Help him up” she demanded looking unimpressed and sure enough Vincent and the girl hauled him to them. “You are in both a fortunate and unfortunate position” she began. “You still exist because we need you, however your Sire despises and if you hope to ‘live’ beyond that need, I suggest you learn quickly” 

“Needed for what?” he asked panicked. 

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Arabella is Punished.

Siren stood waiting for Sophie to re-emerge from her chambers, there was much to discuss. 

Allowing her mind to wander she scanned the thoughts of the people in the area, cooks, maids soldiers learning who was loyal to the crown and who was not. Discovering a few surprises along the way. 

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A familiar tug told Arabella she was being summoned, it was time to go. Things had not gone according to plan and she’d been forced to improvise she only hoped Siren wouldn’t been too upset.  Continue reading

The Trouble With Food Is!

Christopher remained quiet though dinner preferring to watch the interactions of his guests with Daniel. The young soon to be king made a few error’s of judgement revealing more to his guests about his own kingdom that a more experienced king would have, but other than that managed to handle himself with reasonable grace.  Continue reading

Meeting the Others

Watching at the doorway Daniel and Christopher watched as the pair walked up the path, the younger girl behind them seemed noticeably nervous looking up from beneath a parasol as though she expected the sky to fall in on her. 

Christopher found himself un-nerved as they entered despite the humid summer weather and the long carriage ride not one of his guests sported a single drop of sweat, with complexions flawlessly reminding him of the finest porcelain they all seemed perfectly comfortable in the heat, not at all like most noblewomen who often at this time of year looked as thought they may faint when dressed up for such an occasion. Continue reading

Who said we knew nothing.

Vincent sat in the carriage as it headed back towards their home, glancing now and again at Siren until eventually he chose to speak. “I must say i’m surprised” he began “I thought you where going to kill her?” 

Siren shrugged “So did I but I had a better idea” 

“Im not sure I understand, you yourself said he blood is little thicker than human and did you not smell the place it wreaked of infernalism”  Continue reading

A Warning

Valdermar sat in his study with his sister, Risa was becoming an irritating permanent feature in the house and while the mysterious red haired woman had killed many of his sisters followers she’d wasted no time getting new ones. 

He didn’t consider himself and idiot and while he’d accepted his sisters “resurrection” with what could only be described as a healthy reserve, he’d long since ceased believing his sister was anything but un-natural and her “children” as she called them where just as unnatural and now he just wanted her and her friends out of his house and out of his life.  Continue reading