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Asha Speaks To The Demon

“How is he?” Asha asked heading into the kitchen before heading towards her fathers room. 

“Much the same” Lar’s replied “Got him to take some water this mornin” 

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The Last Chapters

 29th November. 

Something went wrong with the ritual, at least I think it went wrong. I don’t know any more….  Continue reading

Orion Tries To Recruit Christopher

He had been taught that the life of a hunter was not always the easy one, not only was it dangerous and risky but it often held many tough decision’s. The enemy did not always look like an enemy they did not always have fangs or teeth. 

The enemy did not even always even know it was the enemy, Vampires did not always ask to be turned and sometimes there was a certain sympathy for the being that was once human that did not ask for the life it was given. Warewolf children never asked to be born and on many counts acted as innocently as normal children until the time of their first change.

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Orion Meet’s Skye

For the briefest of moments Raeanne thought Lar’s had come to visit, heading into the lounge she paused as the figure turned. All too quickly it became apparent that the large muscular stranger was not Lar’s at all. The man standing before her was easily as broad as Lar’s though a few inch’s shorter, but with blond hair tightly pulled back he could easily be mistaken at a distance.

“Raeanne Vaux” she smiled offering a hand which the figure took and bowed.  Continue reading

Daniel Is Unsettled.

Daniel smiled as Sophie wandered into the lounge, “It is done” he smiled feeling proud. “Orion will begin training his new men tomorrow, after he has visited the Vaux’s” 

“Vaux’s” she repeated warily “What is he doing there?” 

“I believe he thinks Christopher can help”  Continue reading

Tarik’s Slide

15th June 1040 

Quillen is unhappy at school, he’s been home for the holidays and though he doesn’t say anything I can tell, he seems more quiet and withdrawn than usual. I sometimes wonder if he has the strength of character to lead this fledging kingdom bruises on his wrists and arms are evidence that someone is bullying him. If he can not defend himself against school yard bully’s I wonder how he will manage against Noblemen pushing for his land.  

Do not mistake me, I think him worthy of the challenge he’s bright and intelligence and his compassion for other puts my own to shame, however I’m concerned. For want of a better word, he needs to toughen up. Still I am determined to make this kingdom work, Peter has good trade routes in place and the kingdom is blossoming I only hope that by the time he inherits I’ve created him a kingdom which feels real and less like the runner up prize to Duncans inheritance of Grimstead.  Continue reading

Tarik’s Journal’s

Like Thomas and Henry, Tarik had always been a journal keeper, Quillen supposed it must be a king thing. His father Thomas had once explained to him that the royal journals where a kings way of passing on important information to their predecessor’s but having seen both he’d found many differences between the journal’s of his father and step father.  Continue reading