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Helena is defeated

It was the next morning before Helena was finally dragged kicking and screaming towards him. “You left them!” she hissed venomously glowering to where Gabriel sat next to his wife.

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Helena has reason to run.

Helena headed to the young noble woman’s bedroom, Gayle had come to her in a panic saying the young noblewoman was stick. She should probably just tell Gabriel but for some reason she felt the need to see for herself.

Reaching the landing she noted the guards from Maegan’s room where gone, grimacing she understood, the witch had seen the young woman and now Gabriel saw no need to keep her away from other men.   Continue reading

Maegan is bewitched

Maegan pulled her knee’s up under her chin as soon as Gabriel was finished with her. It had been different this time, less about humiliation. Somehow he seemed sure that tonight was to be ‘the’ night…Still she was grateful for the reprieve he didn’t seem to want to produce a son though pain or force and it could be said that, this night he was ‘almost’ gentle.

She watched as he pulled on his underwear and made his way towards the chamber door, skinny legs and bloated body he looked like a great frog. He didn’t normally leave her this quickly, normally he laid with her a while revelling in his own man hood… or at least in her misery.   Continue reading