Vincent Prepared

A symphony of howl’s broke the silence of the basement, echoing off the stone a warning of what was to come. “Werewolves” Vincent muttered it didn’t take a genius to know the howl’s came from more than just Lar’s and Heather. They needed to leave, they needed to leave quickly. 

With the bloodied and unconscious Asha at his feet, he scooped her up and headed down the second set of stairs to where things had gone quiet. 

Coming upon a room in disarray but it was not the mess that drew his gaze. “Hector” he growled, practically dropping the young girl to the floor at the sight of Hector feeding on his maker. The beast turned, is maw covered in blood Siren still in his arms, Vincent released Asha before rushing at him. 

Siren flew from Hector’s grasp, as Vincent hit him at full force. Skidding across the stonework until he had the beast against the wall. 

“You knew it was inevitable” Hector reasoned, as his head cracked against the wall. A smile drawing on his lips, “I’ll tell you what I’ll compromise.. you take her, then you make me a child.. win win don’t you think?” 

He understood what the beast was saying, drinking the soul of his sire would take him to her power level. He could then in turn could create a fledgling for Hector to drink increasing his potency in just the same way as if he’d drank Siren herself. 

Vincent growled. “You mean you haven’t? Not yet?” The moment the words crossed his lips her knew how foolish they where. With her age if Hector had got that far she’d be a pile of ash. 

“Not yet” Hector smiled. 

“No she’s my sire!” Vincent reasoned. 

“She’s your mistress” Hector corrected “You’ve been bound to her for so long you’ve forgotten what it’s like to think for yourself” 

“I think for myself!” Vincent argued. 

Hector laughed “Does she still make you feed from her?” he asked. 

Vincent fumed, rocking him so he smashed his head against the wall. Yes it was true. He’d understood for years he was bound to her but not an unhappy binding, but what Hector clearly did not understand was that she was likewise bound to him. 

Suddenly Vincent found himself thrown backwards by the creature “Come On Vincent think about it!” he goaded “No more of her rules.. her plots and plans we can live as nature truly intended” 

“No” Vincent roared, picking himself up and standing over her protectively. 

“Vincent you can’t take me” Hector growled. 

“Can’t I?” he replied “I guess we’ll see” Watching as the creature, extending his claws and beginning to circle. “So Hector I hope you did burn too much blood against the Mage” 

“Pah” Hector scoffed “I still have enough to take one like you”

“Can you?” Vincent dared “Let’s see then” 

Suddenly the brute charged, his head down as to avoid the Toreador’s gaze. Vincent chuckled “Stop” he commanded and Hector froze. 

Suddenly there was a look of panic in the eye’s of the beast, clearly having thought himself safe as long as he did not make eye contact with the vampire. “Hector, Hector, Hector” Vincent purred as the creature began to move regaining control “Did you honestly think we did not expect this?” 

Hector roared, launching himself forward. 

Lie Down” Vincent commanded, watching as the creature complied “Hector I took control of your mind years ago.. it’s just a shame I wasn’t here when Siren needed me.. I guess she underestimated the mage.” 

Another howl rang out. Closer this time.. too close. “I’m sorry Hector im going to have to leave you” Vincent smiled, stepping over the beast and scooping up Siren into his arms. Turning to leave he gave one final glance back, now what is it they say to good dogs?? Oh yes….. ‘stay’” 

Satisfied that Hector would indeed be forced to remain on the floor at least long enough for the werewolves to arrive, Vincent with Siren in his arms, turned them both invisible and quickly made his exit.

One response to “Vincent Prepared

  1. And this, this is why I love Vincent.

    But what about TARIK?!?! *goes to check family tree pages*

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