Siren Is Ill Suited

With little other choice but to burn to death the barrier protecting the mages came down and Hector did not need an invitation as he vaulted over a nearby table ready to greet Tarik.

His massive form towering over the smaller man he swiped out with the claws he now spouted, trading blow’s the pair fought as Siren kept careful eye out, Hector’s speed would normally be an advantage but the mage is seemed had cast a spell to hasten himself to match. Tarik was a better swordsman than she expected with the grace of a dancer it was an unusual trait in a mage. 

Meanwhile however she had Luscious to deal with, he dress by now in tatters she moved in weaponless to meet the mage. A line of lightning burst from his hands to greet her as wide as it was tall she had no way to dodge it and as her body spasmed from the blow she smiled he’d not get another of those off. 

Re finding his feet she glared at him, she would be the first to admit she was not best suited to fighting mages, their high intelligence and mental clarity made them hard targets to manipulate and unlike Hector her primary gifts where not ability’s which caused physical distress. Mentally she needed to break him, weaken him chip away at his mind like a miner might chip away at the rocks till he found the treasures hidden within. 

Driving fear like a spear into his heart she plunged it again and again, a mear glance from Siren would send any mortal man fleeing from his live and most Kindred too but this man resisted giving nothing but an icy stare back. Watching as he readied another spell she wished she could vanish from his sight, but fear required concentration and eye contact to breed. 

Instead, kicking in her own speed she rushed at him, grabbing his tunic she took him with her into the flames she herself had summoned. He screamed, writhing in her grip as the flames charred their flesh. For all their power Mages where mortal and while she could to some degree withstand the heat he could not, and screamed in pain. 

Burning him alive however was not her intention, as he writhed against the flames, struggling to get out of her iron like grip.. he’s lose the focus to cast his wicked spells. She however had not lost focus and the spear of fear she drove into his heart and mind sank all the deeper.

 Pulling back she took the both of them out of the fire, If the charred flesh on her arms was not enough of a sign that she’d pushed her body to it’s limit’s the hunger that raged within her willing her to feed on the squirming man sure was. She hated fighting mage’s and for the second time she cursed how ill suited to it she was. 

Grimacing she resisted the urge to feed, as she had no doubt this one would have tampered with his own blood and she’d been burned by mage blood before. 

Healing her body the best she could she launched the man at the back wall out of the way of the fire. Hector was still busy with Tarik and while it seemed the mage had gotten a few soiled blows on the Gangrel but she was pleased to see it his sword appeared to be of a mundane variety and it wasn’t dealing anything the beast couldn’t take. 

Reaching the desk picked it up effortlessly and launched it towards him but with a wave of his own he managed to divert it’s flight so it crashed harmlessly against the wall, sending it’s content’s skittering across the floor. 

Suddenly she called the shadow’s of the room to live, writhing tentacle’s burst forth grabbing at both Tarik and Lucious, ripping and rending at their flesh. Giving Hector the opportunity he needed to plunge his claw’s into a distracted Tarik how screamed in pain before falling limply to the floor.

As her tentacle’s tore at Lucious she drew on his fear again, she droving the spear she’d never removed deeper still, she could feel him cracking under the strain. Snapping like a twig as the logic of his mind began to fragment. Hidden fears and psychosis bubbling to the surface like a torrent. “Don’t … don’t hurt me” he begged. 

Unfortunately it was nothing more than a faint on the mages part, feeling his mind cracking his last resort, and the moment she loosened her grip she found herself hurtling towards the burning bookshelves, crashing into them with such force the tumbled on top of her. 

The shelves where heavy, easily heavy enough to kill a man but she was not a man and pushing her way up though she managed to stand. Hector stood over Tarik’s motionless form and they both turned their attention to the Lucious. 

Standing the mage, wiped the blood from his mouth, she was sure by now the fight was won, the mage was powerful but not powerful enough to take on the both of them, but the smile on his lips made her uneasy. “Sol Solis” He muttered before vanishing into thin air. 

Suddenly light as brighter than the sun burst forth filling the room with scorching rays. Her skin Peeled and melted somewhere in the brightness she heard Hector scream out in pain. True enough that she could withstand the sunlight’s power for short durations but this was not natural and a hundred times more powerful. 

Squinting in the brightness she watched as Hector use his speed to flee for the door slamming it behind him, planing to join his she tried to trigger her own. Cursing as she found she had no blood left within her to burn to enhance her speed. 

Calling upon her shadows tentacle’s to protect her the tentacle’s which had once attacked the mages wrapped themselves around her body covering her in a suit of black shadow armour.

Running to the door she grabbed the handle she rattled it only to find it held. “Damn you Hector” she hissed understanding his intention. He’d finally seen his opportunity to kill her, holding the door closed he took it and with no blood left she found herself vulnerable to his intentions. 

Finding herself weakening against the light, her shadow’s hissing and fading against it’s power she stumbled and fell to the floor just as the sunlight began to fade. Exhausted and unable to stand, she watched as the door re-opened, and Hector entered smiling. 

“Hector don’t do this” she begged, reaching out to him. 

“I am sorry Mistress” the beast growled “I was hoping to take Vincent first.. but this is too good an opportunity to miss” She understood then he planned to take her soul both she and Vincent where closer to Caine than he. Under perfect circumstances he would have taken Vincent’s first allowing him to jump two generations but this was not a perfect world, so instead he intended to match Vincent by taking her’s.

2 responses to “Siren Is Ill Suited

  1. Wow that’s intense. Is it cruel of me to say that I want her to die?

  2. NOT TARIK!! No!! Please say he’s still alive down there!! *bites nails*

    And oh god, vampire war! I might blame Siren for everything, but I still don’t want Hector to get her — she’s got half a brain and she’s a lot of fun to watch!

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