Thomas Fights for Alistair.

Thomas stood looking at the beasts, turning his sword over in his hand. “ You want to take him now?” he asked.

The creature nodded.

“I’d need time to time about it, I can’t make a decision like this without consulting the King”.

“No time… little prince” the creature snarled. “Your going to be king someday you need to learn to make these decisions”.

Thomas’s head swam, the creatures where asking him to do the unthinkable, leave his brothers to them, he knew they where right chances where his brother was going to die anyway but he couldn’t’ give up on him. “No” Thomas growled, “ you can’t have him”.

“Good” the creature smiled drawing its weapon “ I hoped you’d say that”. Moving forward the creature lunged.

Thomas blocked the blow with ease but was shocked by the force of the blow which jolted him, Luckly in the confined quarters of the cave only one of the beasts could fight him at once, but he was going to have to dispatch them quickly or he would tire before he killed them all.

Like his brother Thomas had been trained as a knight but he’d failed to make the grade, not because he lacked skill in fact the truth be told in one on one combat Thomas had been top of his class.

He failed because he fought dirty, and according to Sir Bendett knights above all else needed to uphold the traditions of honour. Now however was not the time for honour, kicking out with his foot Thomas scooped up a stone from the floor with his offhand.

Flinging the stone, it hit the creature hard in the head, the creature hadn’t expected a projectile and reeled from the blow toppling forward straight on the end of Thomas’s sword which thrust upwards straight beneath the creatures rib’s.

Thomas was shocked by the creatures immense weight as it fell towards him, using every ounce of strength he had he pushed the dying beast forward and into its closest companion. The sword still securely lodged in its chest pierce the skin of the second beast sending them both to the floor.

With one beast on the floor pinned by its dead companion, Thomas pulled his sword free and lunged forward towards the third, which stunned by the speed its turn was up barely put up a defence before Thomas’s sword came flying towards it’s head.

It barely blocked the blow but quickly recovered lunging forward with its own sword, it caught Thomas painfully in the arm, glancing at the wound he could see that thankfully the wound was not severe.

Retaliating he hit back hard and fast, the creatures main weakness seemed to be in there immense bulk, build for power not speed. Thomas hoped to gain an advantage with the speed of his blows, for a while it works he managed to land a few good blows nothing life threatening but good solid hits that would effect the creatures ability to fight.

Thomas fainted to the left, pretending the lose grip of his sword he let it slip out of his grasp and slid across the floor past the beast. Falling forward he rolled leaving himself purposely prone, the creature smiled its victory assured it smiled savouring the moment it, raised its foot resting its heavily on Thomas’s chest.

With a flash of speed, Thomas twisted unbalancing the beast it tried to regain its posture as Thomas flicked his wrist releasing the concealed blade he launched it upward and into the creatures groin.

The creature fell, half from pain and because Thomas ran the blade across its inner thigh severing the tendons and muscles. The creature landed heavily on Thomas’s chest there was a loud crunch as it crushed his rib’s.

Thomas desperately trying to push the beast off his chest. He could see the creature he’d pinned beneath the first beast starting the rise. It clutched its side where the sword had pierced but it looked anything but finished and behind him he could her the fourth beast closing fast.

Finally he managed to move the great beast and reached for his sword, grabbing hold of it he tried to rise, but his leg’s would not comply, his strength gone.

3 responses to “Thomas Fights for Alistair.

  1. Well it took me a while but i have finally finished reading the entire story, very good and i’m enjoying the current fight :-)
    Looking forward to the next installment. Looks like Grimstead is going to need some new Princes Hehe

  2. Eeep!! {O_O}

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