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When the Bell Toll’s

It was early morning, the sun shone brightly the perfect spring morning but thought-out Grimstead The bells tolled, from one end of the kingdom to the other every church’s bells rang out loud,  they rang out true.

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Wolf’s Head

Thomas sat quietly in his chambers, the drink had long since nulled the senses and he took comfort in the fact. He’d lost her, the one precious thing he had in his life and she was gone, and if that was not more than he could bare she had gone to him.

He couldn’t continue this way, he couldn’t spend night after night in his room drinking himself into this state neglecting everything, neglecting the kingdom his father would have expected so much more from him.

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Broken Toy’s

Danson pushed the door to Thomas’s study open, finding almost immediately what he was looking for. “Thomas, may I come in?” he asked warily.

“Why not!” Thomas slurred “my usual drinking partner has abandoned me, so pull up a mug” Continue reading