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Death Toll

Kaitlyn woke finding herself bouncing along in the back of a wagon, disorientated she shook her head as though to order her thoughts.

Driving the wagon was a dark haired man she didn’t recognise, his long flowing hair bellowing like smoke about his shoulders, his clothes where find deep red rich velvet but she didn’t recognise him at all, “Was he one of the Kings men?”

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Feed the Fury

This post is supposted to run concurrently with the post “No Better High” as both scene’s are assumed to happen at the same time, there was just to much going on for it to be explained in an understandable manner in just one post.

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No Better High

“Stay behind me” Wolf urged the King.

“I can defend myself” Thomas argued, but no sooner as he said it, he’s eye’s opened wide as a new enemy entered the cabin. Hector was over 6 ft tall, making the already huge Karogar men look small, ducking his head the beast passed the doorway, his hairy body now coated red with what seemed to be blood.  Continue reading