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Dinner Arrangment’s.

Tarik sat gazing of his bedroom window as he did most days, Jasmine worried for her lord, he didn’t socialise much. She wasn’t exactly sure what sorts of things lords where supposed to do but when ever an invitation to a party or hunt arrived Tarik always ignored them. Spending his days alone reading or gazing out of the window.

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Princess Jasmine

Jasmine had been at the Darkfire Estate for just over a week, she was settling in well. She’d been given her own room, it was much grander than the sleeping in the hayloft back home and at first she’d had difficulty sleeping in the massive feather bed.

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Not Suitable

Her father was working out in the fields and Jasmine sat at the edge of the pond crying, the bump in her belly was getting harder to hide and she really didn’t know what to do. Continue reading

Little Worry’s.

Jasmine sat at the edge of the pond biting her finger nails, her stomach churning.


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Lynettes Recovery


Lynette recovered quite well from her beating’s and was over joyed by King Henry’s decision to allow her to keep Alith and Muireen to raise as her own. Continue reading

Winning over Bran.

Jaedyn had been a little disappointed when Gabriel left, she’d hoped for some whirlwind romance perhaps even a kiss to remember him by, she kept trying to tell herself that he was just being a gentleman and that if he had of kissed her it would have been improper, but she was disappointed all the same.

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Henry sighed “ I’m very disappointed, what I can’t understand is why you though the only option was to kill him?”. 

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