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Whats the Price

 “Always the failure.. eh Valdermar” the voice purred, “So what is the cause of your sleepless night this time” 

“Eh.. oh it’s you” Valdermar sighed “the cause of.. well this” he said pointing to his work “is that this estate isn’t bringing in as much money as the last, this.. desolate pile of muck and grime brings in barely enough to cover the roof over your head”  Continue reading

A Quiet Talk

Christopher headed up to Maegan’s chambers when he returned from Brittany’s, interested to see if she was home yet. Knocking he heard a familiar call and entered to find her reading. 

“Evening” he smiled.  Continue reading

Christopher Looks For Advice

“Fer pete’s sake Chris what are ya doing here?” Brittany asked as she opened the door, nervously looking around fearing a neighbour might see the young nobleman on her doorstep. 

“I need help” Chris replied “and you where the only person I could think of” 

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Teenage Boy

Christopher sighed looking out of the window, he almost finished his work for the day and wanted to see if he could spot Maegan out on the horizon.

She’d gone riding that morning with Bailey something he’d been told she’d done a few times while he’d been away. He had no reason for concern but he was eager to see her home as the day’s light was almost gone. 

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Kiss da Beatie

 “Hoooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooollll”  The little voice wailed “Upsy Holl, Uspy!”

Holly chuckled, it was the same thing every morning, Eadric no long called for Hannah or even his father, always for her. Continue reading

Negotiating War

 “Tell me Tarik why should I bow to any of your demands?” Daniel asked smugly.

“Because you are a man of reason” Tarik replied “Like your brother and Father you know that war serves no purpose” Continue reading

All Too Much

Most of the Noblemen had by now left the castle returning to their homes, the Hamdun’s where the main force around the castle by now and Maegan couldn’t help but be annoyed that every where she looked there seemed to be one.

She and Christopher had arranged their transportation and would be leaving themselves in a few hours but for now they walked the corridor’s admiring the painted images of Silverhands gone by. It was a sad sort of walk as the feeling that things where coming to an end lingered in her mind, her brother had lost the crown and already there where rumours that Daniel planned to have him sent away on a permanent basis over fears he’d oppose his leadership. Continue reading