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Risa’s Execution

It was a sad day in the history in Grimstead, in the 28 years of King Henry’s rule it was the first execution. Risa was defiant till the end, only sorry that she’d not succeeded in her plan to kill the princess.   Continue reading

Tarik Lays Claim.

Tarik walked boldly into the Kings Chamber, it had been two months since he’d manage to break from the enchantment that had kept his family trapped in the mountains for years. He bore paper work proving his family’s lineage and in fact stating him quite clearly as the true ruler of Grimstead.


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Drysten Say’s Goodbye.

Drysten sat quietly in his study, it was the day of his daughters execution the Avril and Valdemar had gone up to the castle for their last visit. Drysten hadn’t been up to see Risa since she had been arrested, now the initial turmoil caused by the event had settled he felt numb.

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Alistair Tries.

Alistair walked into the parlour Kaitlyn was sitting in her normal spot next the window, her tear streaked face evidence she’d been crying again.   He walked over putting his arm over her shoulder pulling her to lean into his chest, breaking down she began to sob. Holding her the minutes passed he didn’t need to ask what the matter was it was the same thing she’d cried about for the last few months. Continue reading

Small Infidelity’s

Sable and Jack made quite a pair, both were as bad as each other when it came to their small infidelity’s.

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Risa’s Baby.

It had been 2 months since the assassination attempt and Henry sat in his chamber he’d called for Vasyl to discuss Risa, he’d held off on her execution after her claims of pregnancy giving Vasyl the chance to at least be a father. Continue reading

Do what you must.

Alistair knelt in the church and prayed, prayed that Kaitlyn would find the strength to recover, physically she had recovered from the poison and miscarriage well however mentally she was in shatters, she’d even lost the will for her usual complaining. Most days she would sit quietly in the parlour reading or watching the world out of the window.

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