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Werewolf Anatomy

Back again Asha stood in Luscious’s lab, this time standing over the heavily fur’ed body of a werewolf. Unlike the vampire it did not struggle nor growl or beg it simply lay there looking up at her with it’s big blue eye’s.

“It’s it cruel to experiment on them?” she asked nervously looking towards her father for guidance.

“Nonsense” Lusicous replied, in a manner that no more assured her than it did the creature on the table.

“Lusicous knows what he’s doing” Tarik assured her. Continue reading

A ‘Woman’!!!

“Fine” Daniel agreed with a resigned sigh. “We shall wait for 1 month before we make this decision , I trust Orrick that will give you enough time to get your son back from where-ever you have sent him”

“I hope so” Orrick nodded. Continue reading

Maegan Hit’s A Nerve

“Anya, I need you to come to the stables with me. I haven’t fed Amynta and I’m not sure if the stable boy will” Maegan asked nervously hoping Anya wouldn’t ask too many prying questions about why she didn’t want to go alone, suddenly things seemed different as though she couldn’t trust herself. It wasn’t as though she feared leaping on Bailey like some crazy whore but more that she feared what she would say to him, if she found he was there.  

“Amynta, what kind of stupid name is that for a horse anyway?” Anya replied.   Continue reading

Dreams are better than reality

She woke with a start to find herself lying on the small couch in her chambers, disorientated and covered with sweat.

Continue reading

Wayward Son

Orrick sat silently his head down, barely able to contain the panic, of all the things of all the times…a sudden twang of guilt hit him, of course Thomas hadn’t meant to be murdered, but the timing could not have been worse and Orrick could not help but worry for his own family more than morn for a dead king.

“If your son can’t be bothered to turn up for what may be the most vital meeting of the decade how else am I supposed to react” Daniel asked forcefully. Continue reading

Down in the Valley

They rode across the hillside, the wind blowing though her hair. She felt free, liberated as though nothing else in the world mattered. Every now and again, he’d turn back to look at her, those aqua eye’s glinting in the sunlight, beneath a mop of black hair.

Eventually he slowed, drawing the horse into a small lightly wooded valley, Maegan wasn’t sure where they where she’d never been this far away from the estate before, the hassles and worries that lay there seeming far behind and inconsequential. Continue reading

Horse Hair and Earth

Maegan wandered out the stables, more than anything she loved to ride and the feeling of being truly free. She’d settled well into life at the hallows, being Lady Vaux the wife of an absent lord was certainly never dull, between Orrick attempts at keeping his sons escapades a secret and the day to day duties of the household she often had little time to simply be by herself.

Sneaking into the stables she quickly passed by all of the other horses to the end where her own black mare was stabled, an unexpected wedding gift from Christopher before he left, but sadly he’d never known what an absolutely perfect gift it had been. Continue reading