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Meagan Wants To Stay

Maegan entered the dining room to find Christopher already having breakfast, he didn’t look up but continued to eat as though she wasn’t even there. 

Making her way over to her seat she suddenly noticed the small wooden coffer sitting beside her place. Tentatively she lifted the lid but her heart sank as her fears where confirmed and she found it to be full of small golden coins. 

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Christopher is Pushed

Christopher fell silent and it seemed an age to her before he spoke again. “Fine” he replied in a manner that made her cower he seemed angry, jaw clenched he moved himself towards her “let’s get on with it then” he growled. 

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Matilda Takes A Tumble.

Emily stared at the baby in the crib, she was sleeping soundly not a care in the world. The same could not be said for Emily, Nicole’s second daughter to Orrick Emily had just turned 12, just turned 12 and watch her mother die in the same week.

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Kaitlyn Witness’s How Far Daniel Will Go.

“It’s a disgrace” Kaitlyn fumed, “First he takes away his birth right and now he’s telling us he’ll no longer pay for Duncan’s schooling, he knows damn well we can’t afford it, this .. This is a conspiracy” 

Lar’s sighed, his wife had been upset since Duncan lost the crown to Daniel and quite rightly so. At the time Daniel had suggested Lar’s and Kaitlyn take Duncan home to the cabin allow the events to settle he’d said.  Let Duncan grieve the lose of his uncle. 

However a few weeks later when they’d tried to send him back to his training he’d been refused entry. Kaitlyn had tried to see Daniel but he always seemed busy. Which naturally translated into Daniel was avoiding her.  Now after two months of uncertainty a letter had finally arrived from Daniel to say he could no longer afford Duncan’s training and it was being withdrawn.  Continue reading

Lest We Forget

Maegan cantered into the grounds of the Hallows to find Christopher waiting by the front door, fixing her gown, she quickly dismounted handing the horse off to Chase before approaching.

Unable to contain her pleasure at seeing him apparently waiting for her, a broad grin spread across her face.

“Where you waiting for me?” she asked.

“Yes of course who else?”

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Quite a Throw

She was right, if ever a woman was right. It was ….right now… Christopher decided. 

She’d already begun to undo his belt, her hands already roaming to places unseen, she wasn’t cold this time, not cold at all. Reaching out he stroked her face like her hands it was warm, his hands gliding down the angles of her cheekbones and onto her neck as she lent forward to kiss him. Continue reading

Little Angel

Maegan rocked the small baby in her arms, she’d been unsettled and had the young woman up for most of the night. She was feeding well and Daria seemed to think she was growing with strength with every passing day so it seemed to Maegan that the worst was over.  Continue reading