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Gabriel Pry’s

Jaedyn and Gabriel sat quietly in front of the fire, it was evening time and Finian was soundly tucked up in bed. 

For the first time since she’d lived in Hamdun castle Jaedyn seemed happy and that made Gabriel content. Finian was growing into a fine young boy, things where falling into place with the crown. Daniel was beginning to learn that not all decisions where best left to him and Gabriel was spending an increasingly large amount of time acting as advisor to the young king. 

The only thorn in his side was the rockfall that blocked the pass upto Peter but Gabriel was confident that the men he’d sent to scout the area would soon return with good news pertaining to another pass, one that would hopefully restore his trade routes. Continue reading

Sophie Warn’s Daniel

Daniel woke to find Sophie wandering the room, she had her own chambers but never used them preferring to sleep at his side something he had no problem with. Over the last few weeks however she’d become more and more agitated at first he’d put it down to her pregnancy but as time went on it became more apparent that it was something deeper.  Continue reading

Danson Approches Raeanne

Danson found Raeanne in the garden, she’d quickly snuck out after dinner. If it was attempt to get herself out of the way and leave room for Anya it wasn’t a good sign. Either she had no clue Danson’s presance had anything to do with her or more likely Danson did not meet with her approvel.  

He’d spoken to Orrick and tested the waters confirming that the elderly nobleman was indeed proposing that he may find Raeanne a suitable wife and Danson’s indication that he intended to follow the young woman had seemed to meet with approval. 

“I take it by your appearance your in on my fathers plotting” Raeanne smiled as he approached, it was a forced sort of smile the kind a woman gave when she was trying to be polite but inside was quite irritated.  Continue reading

Danson’s Future Plan’s

Danson sat at the dinner table with Orrick, Christopher, his wife and Orricks two daughters Raeanne and Anya. There had been some pleasantry’s and idle conversation, much of which centred around the coronation preparations.

There had also been a little talk on the subject of the Grimsteads newest nobles. Sara and Vincent had officially been accepted into the fold a few days before and it was currently a topic of heated debate.  Some Nobles for thier inclusion in Grimstead, but many against.

Danson however hadn’t missed the uncomfortable way Christopher’s wife sat when that conversation had occurred.  Confirming that rumours about Christophers unfaithfulness where no only true, but Lady Vaux knew about it.

It didn’t much suprise him he’d heard gossip of Christophers youth much like Thomas in that respect he supposed. Once a lady’s man always a lady’s man or so it seemed. Continue reading

Orrick Resumes Fatherly Duties

“Have you received your invitation to the coronation?” Christopher asked his father.

Watching as the old man paced back and forth rocking his youngest daughter in his arms. Raeanne had told him that his father had barely left the baby alone for weeks, she was worried about him, fathers often doted on their children but the attachment he’d taken with Matilda was somewhat more than normal, at first she’d believed he was just using the baby as a distraction but now she worried the old man was taking this attachment too far, he’d even taken the baby on his duties around the estate. ‘charging around on a horse’ was no place for a baby he’d heard his sister scold. 

“Yes” Orrick grumbled “I suppose we should to go”  Continue reading

Not That Innocent

Christopher had been sleeping when he felt the gentle shake, at first he’d thought perhaps it was maid waking him for morning, but he quickly realised the voice was much gentler much more timid than the battleaxe of a housekeeper or the elderly maid his father had lumbered him with in an attempt to make them undesirable to him. No this voice came from someone else. 

“Chris… Chris” 

Continue reading

Maegan Creep’s Though The Dark

Maegan woke with a start, it have been one of ‘those’ dreams again. At least when they happened now they contained Christopher. Even so they always made her feel uncomfortable like it was somehow wrong to have those thoughts or think about doing those things. 

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