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Pulling Tightly

“Don’t pull her gown so tightly” Sophie chirped as Persia struggled with the fastenings of Ailana’s dress.

Ailana gasped sharply as her young maid pulled on the ties yet again, she hated this morning ritual, she missed the maids back home, maids who didn’t seem to enjoy torturing her the way Persia did.  

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Valdermar Has A Plan

Hannah sat curled up in front of the fire her head nodding as she struggled with the urge to sleep. Eadric was sleeping soundly in his crib and she was just waiting for Valdermar to return so she could go home.

She heaved herself up of the seat and stretched heading to the window she opened it as much as she’d dare, letting the biting cold air touch her face in an effort to wake herself up as it would not do for Valdermar to return and find her sleeping. Continue reading

Alice Settle’s In

Alice sat on the edge of the bed the way she did every morning waiting to be let out of her room. While Lar’s had refused to let Heather send her back, but he was still cautious and distrusting of her.  Locking her securely in her room each night and watching her like a hawk during the day especially if she ventured near his other daughters.

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Thomas Has A Plan

Danson headed into Thomas’s chamber’s finding the king sitting waiting for him, he immediately noted his old friend looked better than he had in weeks finally freshly shaven and back into his royal garb.

“Your highness” he bowed as was customary unsure if this was business or personal meeting. Continue reading

Jaedyn Confronts Gabriel.

Jaedyn had allowed the thought’s of Gabriel’s refusal to allow Daisy to marry to fester in her head, she’d tried to block them out. Telling herself that now they had Finian he didn’t need ‘her’  but as the days dragged on his refusal just seemed to prove to her more and more with each passing minute that for some reason he thought at least that he ‘did’ need her.

Eventually it all became to much tottering dangerously close to becoming the irrational and over emotional  woman she used to be. Jaedyn decided she needed to ask him directly, laying Finian down in his cradle she made her way to Gabriel’s chambers.

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“Have you seen her?” he asked.

Danson turned away from the fire he’d been using to warm himself and looked at Thomas who stood in the doorway and nodded.

“Is she any better?” Thomas asked his voice low, barely a whisper. Continue reading

The Water Jug

Thomas sat in his nightshirt at the edge of his bed, it was late and he couldn’t sleep. He sighed deeply rubbing his hand to his forehead his throat parched he reached for the jug of water at the side of his bed only to find it empty.

He found the cold stone against his feet refreshing as he stood and wandered towards the window. The stained glass made it impossible to see outside but he stood beside it staring none the less, casually tracing the shapes on the glass with his finger.

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