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Maegan does not forgive

“Uuuugh! what are they doing?!” Maegan protested from the darkness.

Christopher chuckled, the rhythmic banging coming from the room above, evidence that while Maegan did not seem willing to entertain her husband’s affections. Her mother had no such reservations and even the knowledge that they had company did not seem discourage the pair. Continue reading


Ailana hear’s more than she wants.

Ailana sat frozen with fear in the hall of the barrack’s. She’d been mortified to find that Joseph had returned here after the Christmas break, but wracked with desperation she forced herself to come.

She was no-more certain that she wanted to marry him now than she’d been a couple of days earlier when she’d called it off. She’d been stupid and foolish and naive she’d risked everything in the hope that Danson shared her feelings. She should have known better… Danson had made his feelings clear at the winterball yet her ego and Dawn’s insistence that he shared her feelings had made her take the biggest risk of her life. Continue reading

Ailiana hear’s the new’s

“Is it true?” Ailiana asked her brother. She was mildly irritated, though she didn’t know why. She didn’t really know why she expected anything to be any different she was always the last to know anything.

“Is what true?” Gabriel replied looking up from his food.

Giving the blond woman a nervous sort of glance, she briefly wondered if asked her brother what had happened with Dawn was appropriate in front of his ‘guest’. Continue reading

Anya Learn’s How Well He Knows

Anya found herself in a sudden spin, one of the maids had come to her and told her the Baron was waking and that he would probably feed but would be with her shortly.

The past few days had been a whirlwind, a gruesome and bloody whirlwind and she found herself constantly darting from one side of the fence to the other. Continue reading

Gaelen Gets A Shock

“Lord Hamdun, may I speak with you?” Gaelen asked. He’d been so sure this had been a good idea when he’d left his mother but now he was in front of the lord he was no-longer so sure.

His mother was sure the lord cared for her, that he wanted what was best for her so really a talk between men should be nothing to be nervous of.

“Earl” the older man corrected, “I’m an Earl now”

“Im sorry” Gaelen nodded “Lord Earl… may I speak with you?”

Watching as the older man nodded he began to relax. “It’s about my mother… I know what happened last night” Continue reading

Duncan meets someone new

“Duncan, can I help you set the table?” Danica asked, eagerly.

Nodding the young man practically thrust the dishes into her hand, who’s stupid idea had this been anyway inviting the Darkfires for Christmas dinner. He didn’t really need to ask, of course it had been his mothers. She was a Hamdun after all.  Continue reading

Helena deal’s with the children

Helena’s head reeled he’d gone quite mad. He stood looking at her as though the whole thing made the most perfect sense. Bought and paid for he intended for her to stay.

“Gabriel …. I…. this its utter madness… what would people think?”

“Who cares what they think?”

“I… this is all too much” she mumbled “I need to think” Continue reading