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Ailana Reports In

“Well?” Peter demanded staring at Ailana expectantly.


“Peter!”  Gabriel scolded “Give her a chance…Ailana are you alright?”

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The Morning Light Reveal’s More Than Thomas Wants.

Thomas woke the first thing that struck him was the dryness in his throat, him mouth felt somewhat like a rat had crawled inside and died.  Other than that he didn’t feel too bad he mused.


Lifting his head he began to shuffle towards the edge of the bed then suddenly the nausea hit him along with a blinding shooting pain though his head. “Arh” he yelped touching he hand to his forehead.

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Daniel Learn’s Something

Daniel and Sophie had stayed in their chambers long enough that people didn’t get suspicious but eventually they returned to the party, Sophie happily wandered off milling with the other women folk while Daniel returned to the corner Gabriel and Valdermar sit sat in, having now been joined by his roommate at university and Gabriel’s younger brother Abel.


The conversation flitted between various small talk but eventually Daniel noticed that he hadn’t seen Thomas in some time. “Where’s Thomas?” he asked. Continue reading

Abel Dig’s A Hole

Persia sat uncomfortably next to Abel Hamdun. The Bendett’s found as time went on that they got invited to more and more of these party’s, servant’s to the king it seemed was a increasingly more prestigious position.

Persia’s betrothal to Abel the youngest of Aldun Hamdun’s sons who had just returned from university was the reason for their invitation this time. However her father’s distraction with trying to pair up her younger sister Tara with King Thomas had left the couple alone and at a loose end, having barely held a conversation with the boy Persia was starting to feel out of her depth.


“So are you looking forward to moving up the castle?” she asked nervously. Continue reading

Sophie Warn’s Daniel

“What burning people?” Daniel demanded lighting some extra candles to bathe the room in light

“The ones that will die”


Daniel shook his head, not quite sure why he was even bothering to ask to questions. “Sophie do you honestly believe people are going to die if you give yourself to me?”

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Thomas is Baited

The maid pulled tightly on the ties of the gown making Ailana let out an involuntary gasp. “it’s too tight” she complained, her protests falling on deaf ears the maid only pulled tighter.


“Is she almost done yet?” a male voice outside the chamber growled and banging furiously on the door. The maid fastened the last of the clasps before running the door and swinging it open. Continue reading

Daniel Can’t Believe His Luck.

Daniel chased her across the room and out into the hallway where other guest’s where stood milling about “Sophie” he called catching her arm.

Giggling Sophie span around throwing her self against the wall she grabbed him roughly by the neck she pulled him into her, until his lips met hers.


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