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Sit Boy

“What the hells!”  Wolf roared hauling himself to his feet.

“Stay!” She demanded, focusing her attention to keep him pinned to the seat.

He struggled for a moment trying to rise unable to do so he finally relented“Aright … i see yer got some knack’s of ye own”


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Flying Visit

Asha lay quietly on her bed; the events of the week had given her a lot to think about. Till now she’d always assumed she knew all the gifted. The incident with Wolf wasn’t SO strange she decided surely she more than most should understand that there was indeed more to the human condition than most people understood.

Wolf was like her it seemed, not quite normal and his father was the same or so it seemed and although what she’d seen was terrifying and shocking the power that had emanated from the pair resembling nothing she’d witnessed before. Maria was the closest thing to that she’d seen before, with the ability to turn into a large cat. Still in comparison Maria seemed more like a kitten finding it’s feet.

Really though she decided she shouldn’t be SO shocked, the gift was a strange thing and obviously it had blessed Wolf and his father in the same way it had blessed her and her brother as well as a few others in Grimstead, they’d obviously mastered it in a way most of them hadn’t.

Asha smiled feeling more relaxed about the whole affair granted she still wasn’t sure she was ready to continue her relationship with the large northman but she had decided that she needen’t blow the event out of proportion, for the first time she realised how normal people could fear her own gift.

“You have a visitor” Her brother’s voice rang in her head.

“Who?” she thought back.

“The Northman”

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Thomas Meets Alistair

Thomas sat quietly listening to what he was being told. He’d been given the news of “Alistair’s Return” that morning by Holly, naturally he had to come and see for himself. He sat listening the gentleman’s story of how he was the real Alistair, his brother and he was in fact alive and well.   Continue reading