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The Other Side

Siren slept for 3 days solid trying to heal the wounds that Lar’s and the Cairn sprit had left on her her, she still ached and the wounds were still raw but she’d managed to re-grow her severed arm a the gift of existing so long.

It was early evening; the sun had set just a short while ago when she headed down to the lounge where Kaitlyn sat aimlessly staring out of the window into the darkness. “Kaitlyn” she smiled “how are you feeling?”

Kaitlyn turned to face her, her eyes dark rimmed, the eye’s of a woman who hadn’t slept in nights and had cried for days. “Am I a prisoner?” she asked.


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Guardian Spirit

Lar’s caught up with the others just as they reached the caern, he’d heard Siren and Hector following closely behind. Watching as Heather Lay Thomas against the pile of rock’s.

“I thought they weren’t for sitting on” he grimaced trying to lighten the mood, though the pain of his many wounds.


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“Kaitlyn Move” Heather screamed again, but Kaitlyn didn’t move she just sat frozen transfixed on the remains’ of Alistair.

Panic ridden Heather scrambled down towards the young woman, Thomas draped over her shoulder having been caught in the crossfire between Lar’s and Siren. Reaching where Lar’s lay he seemed to coming too. “Lar’s we need to go” Heather urged grabbing him under the arm she helped him shakily stand.

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Death Toll

Kaitlyn woke finding herself bouncing along in the back of a wagon, disorientated she shook her head as though to order her thoughts.

Driving the wagon was a dark haired man she didn’t recognise, his long flowing hair bellowing like smoke about his shoulders, his clothes where find deep red rich velvet but she didn’t recognise him at all, “Was he one of the Kings men?”

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Old Feelings

Daisy’s heart pounded the way it did every time he was near as she dropped the coin’s clinking into his open hand. “We did well today” she smiled.


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They Don’t Explode

Maegan sobbed into the crook of her arm, eye’s squeeze shut in the hope that doing so would somehow make it all less real. She could still feel Christopher’s skin next to her’s his calloused hand on her inner thigh.

“Are you scared?” he asked, she didn’t reply sobbing inconsolably she just wanted it over quickly.

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Let Sleeping Dog’s Lie

“Go on” Anya urged, “Show me how my brother kissed you?”

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