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Falcon Ask’s A Question

Falcon stood staring aimlessly, upto his elbows in dishwater the last of the dishes long since washed.


“Pa” Farid called bringing him too “Daisy’s still waiting fer ye to walk her home”

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Kaitlyn Looks Upon Lar’s

Kaitlyn climbed out of the carriage nervously, she been helping Maegan run the Vaux estate for a few month’s now and she’d seen the twin’s frequently during that time. However suddenly and out of the blue Raeanne had decided to go back to live with Lar’s.

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Quillen lay on the rug in front of the fire, he was visiting his father for a few day’s while he was home from school. Thomas still maintained contact with his illegitimate son, despite the protest’s of Vince Bendett about the sensibility of it all


“Father what does ‘unification’ mean?” he asked watching the dancing flames in the first place.

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Daniel Get’s Frustrated

Sophie Hamdun was as far Daniel was concerned the most perfect creature to have ever walked the earth. Which was lucky really since she had also been his betrothed for the last 4 years and where due to get married as soon as they arrived back on the shores of Grimstead.  


There had originally been a plan for him to marry Anya Vaux but situations had changed and Henry had promised Gabriel, Sophie a husband. The plan had been of course for Sophie to replace Holly after her accident, but Thomas had refused so Daniel was next best choice. Continue reading

Silly Man

Deonte had sat quietly though out dinner watching his new family interact with each other, he wife it seemed to him was not as brash or as confident as he took her for. It was the first time he noticed how she often stumbled on her words and passed him uncomfortable glances while the whole time she seemed eager to please as though still trying to impress him.


Taking off his clothes he settled down onto the bed, waiting while Brittany sorted herself out seeming even more anxious than before. She shuffled uncomfortable perched on her side of the bed, noticing that she quenched several of the candles that lit the room before preparing to undress.

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Like a Da

Deonte nervously hung about the front door his hand hovering above the door handle “bother” he cursed “this is your home, now stop acting like a woman and go inside” Taking a deep breath he pushed the door open into the main living area where he could see the twin’s playing happily on the rug.


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The midwife found Valdermar in the nursery, “This is where you’ll sleep” she heard him say to the baby.  


She paused for a moment, unsure what to do she was an indentured peasant scared that he may take her new’s badly or worse lay the blame with her. “No matter” she told herself opening the door she boldly walked into the nursery. “Milord, I really need to speak with you” Continue reading