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A quiet dinner

Lar’s entered the cabin, he’d been working hard all day clearing more space in the clearing for a second cabin, heading into the kitchen he found Kaitlyn cooking, it had been 2 days since their talk, and 2 days since Wolf had stormed out on his argument with Raeanne and hadn’t been seen since. The coronation was tomorrow and Kaitlyn had been given a lot to think about over the past few days concerning her future relationship with Lar’s.


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Kaitlyn watched out of the kitchen window as Lar’s paced long strides back and forth the clearing, every now and again he’d pause and mark the ground or a tree.

“What on earth are you doing?” she asked when he finally came back inside.

“Marking the ground out fer a new Cabin he said with a grin.

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Talk to him

There was a knock on the door “come in” Raeanne called quickly wiping away the tears as she watched the door slowly open and Kaitlyn walk into the room.

“What on earth is going on?” Kaitlyn asked taking a seat next to her friend. Continue reading

Last Stand

“Rite!” Wolf announced bursting into Raeanne’s bedroom the following morning “rite, one way or the other things are gonna be settled”

“What the hell are you doing?!” Raeanne exclaimed.

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Evil in the house

Vince entered the house and walked directly to the kitchen where he found his wife pottering about cleaning the stove. “Good day?” she smiled nervously.

Vince shrugged “That lad Deonte I told you about didn’t turn up”

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Out in the cold

Lar’s pulled the blankets up over his shoulders, leaning on one elbow he watched as Kaitlyn read her book, the scent wasn’t fully on him yet it would be tomorrow before it was, still he didn’t need it, to desire the woman who lay next to him.

“Kait, why don’t yer put the book down and come over here” he smiled putting his arm around her waist. Continue reading


Skye giggled excitedly for the third time tumbled from Fanglor’s back, the old wolf didn’t seem to mind as the mischievous toddler clambered up all over him squealing with delight every time she managed to get up onto his back.

“He’s not a horse, silly girl” Raeanne chuckled.

“GEE GEE” Skye replied with a grin, resuming her climbing. Continue reading