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Broken Toy’s

Danson pushed the door to Thomas’s study open, finding almost immediately what he was looking for. “Thomas, may I come in?” he asked warily.

“Why not!” Thomas slurred “my usual drinking partner has abandoned me, so pull up a mug” Continue reading

Draining the Coffer’s

Abel sat on the couch in his chambers his head ached and his body complained, he hadn’t slept in two days, how could he? He had to find a solution to his sister’s predicament.

He’d learned she’d lost the baby as soon as he’d returned and He’d rushed to her side. She hadn’t spoken, not a word. Ailana had always seemed frail to him, she was like a delicate flower so precious that the slightest thing could crush her. Lying in the bed she’d looked ashen, the doctor said she would live but Abel was not concerned by the physical implications because he saw how much her heart wept. Continue reading

Thomas Gives an Order

The door to Thomas’s chamber slammed open and Thomas thundered in, giving Daniel a start.

“I heard you where home” Daniel nodded “I’ve been waiting for you, we need to talk”

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Thomas Gets A Shock

 “It’s time” Thomas noted nudging the sleeping Abel.

He stirred he hadn’t been asleep long, and sure enough the sun was up the house seemed to have come to life.

“I waited” Thomas explained “Till I was sure.. but i’ve just seen Edric’s young nanny go inside, they must be awake by now”

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Ailana in the Garden

Ailana wandered though the maze of corridor’s she’d gotten quite accomplished at navigating her way by now. He long coat pull on over her nightgown she couldn’t sleep and felt the need for air, her room was at the back of the castle, tucked away in a secluded corridor where Thomas could forget about her no doubt.

Arriving at the rear door lid the bolt back and pushed it open and headed out into the garden’s, she loved the garden’s she loved to watch things grow.. anything natural fascinated her anything from bugs and dirt to the tallest tree she looked upon them all with wonder.

She’d been fidgety all night unable to sleep her stomach unsettled she felt tight knots forming. The whole castle was in a stir, after Thomas and Abel left hurriedly in a coach for goodness knows where. It wasn’t that she was concerned for Thomas, or even what they where doing, it was the look he brother had given her before he had left that told her something was wrong.

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For What?

 Abel sat heavily leaning against the side of the coach, it had been a long day with wedding breakfasts and the like and it was proving to be an even longer night.  

The journey to Brightden had taken most of the night and now the duo sat waiting in the coach for day to break and a reasonable hour to go calling on Holly. Continue reading