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Duncan has some competition

“I don’t want you talking to him anymore” Duncan demanded storming across the clearing and grabbing Alice roughly by the arms.

“You don’t want what?” she scowled in disbelief shaking herself free.  Looking embarrassed towards the other Garou who were gathered around the great camp fire. Continue reading


Maegan is warned.

“How is he?” Daniel asked seeming genuinely concerned as they entered the hall where Raeanne was pacing outside her father’s room.

“It’s just a matter of time” she warned, her eye’s red. “The wound is too great”

Maegan burst into tears she knew she shouldn’t that if Raeanne could be strong then so should she but in many ways Orrick had been the closest thing she’d had to a father at least in the days that she could remember. Continue reading

Duncan Watches

Duncan threw a rock into the pond,  with a loud splash but it did little to improve his mood, or lessen the scowl across his brow as he watched Ailth and Alice fawning over Tristen like a pair of love struck doe’s across the clearing.

Watching as the young man lit the fire with a spark of light from his finger tips, which was rewarded with giggles and claps from both girls. Continue reading

Duncan would not be afraid.

Maegan sat quietly in the parlour of the Queen. It was unsettling to know that Gabriel had his eye on her, however her uncle had promised he would not force her and he’d even let slip his own disapproval at the lords proposal.

The Queen however was an odd one, she likewise seemed to disapprove of the idea and had even admitted that Maegan would know pain if she chose to take him as her husband.  However she’d also revealed that she thought some good could come of it if she chose to agree.

Maegan however was not swayed, she had spoken to Orrick and he had promised that he could handle whatever Gabriel could hurl at him and that was good enough for her. Continue reading