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Vincent Arrives At The Castle

Anya followed her husband though the weave of corridor’s in the duchess’s castle. She’d only been here once or twice before but it was only now she understood the scale of it. Daniel’s castle was large, larger even hand Gabriel’s but the duchess’s castle dwarfed both with ease. Continue reading


Gabriel Return’s Home

No sooner had they arrived at Hamdun Castle, Gabriel had been rushed away again to deal with some important matter at the castle. While she and her daughters, had been left to settle in.

They had been given servants quarters in the basement of the castle. However despite their humble appearance, they were the finest thing Helena had ever slept in.

Gabriel maintained she was a guest, but something seemed strange it was as though none of the servants expected her to leave.

Much of the first half of the day had been spent trying to contain her two youngest daughters excitement, but eventually they disappeared having found a new play mate leaving Helena alone. Continue reading

None of them Good

Her husband had been quiet the whole carriage ride and while Skye and Isabel chattered excitedly during their journey her husband had barely said a word.  It was as human as any emotion she had ever known like a great weight sat on his shoulders.

“Are you thinking about the people in the church?” she asked.

“No” he replied sounding troubled. Looking up from the window he reached out his hand touching hers.

She flinched. Drawing away from him, it hadn’t been a conscious action and the look on his face when it happened caused her to instantly regret it.  “I’m sorry” she apologised. Continue reading

Asha conciders making babies

Asha frowned, the light in the kitchen wasn’t ideal and with people in and out it was hard to concentrate. She had lied to Lord Hamdun. He’d asked her how progress was going with the spell that would get his new wife pregnant and she had said it was almost finished.

Time was slipping away from her but she had wanted so desperately to be allowed to come and spend Christmas with Faulke but now she was here she realised what a terrible lie it had been. Continue reading

Daniel Compensates Gabriel

“Do we really have to do this?” Danson sighed having listened to Daniel rant at him for the last half hour. “We both know your disapproval is barely skin deep and Gabriel is not here to witness it”

“How dare you” Daniel growled, “Do not presume to know me”

Danson remained quiet, Daniel was struggling enough. Continue reading

Valdermar Loses Hope

Anya had been on edge ever since she’d watched Vincent head into the cellar. Thankfully whatever he’d been doing down there had been quiet there had not been a single sound at least none of which she’d been close enough to hear.

Valdermar was even more twitchy than usual, he’d spent a good deal of the day seemly trying to convince them both that the people in the cellar deserved what they got.  Continue reading

Vincent Eats

Anya’s heart thumped loudly in her chest the whole way back to the carriage. It has been an effort but somehow she had managed to get the baron inside.

Slamming the door she paused, to catch her breath it was not the effort that shook her so but the way he had eyed her up the whole journey like a wolf watching it’s next meal and if wasn’t for his mutterings she was sure she’d have left him behind. Continue reading