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Danson feel’s the pressure

Danson sighed as the door clicked behind him. It was been a simple ceremony and poor Lady Dawn who hadn’t expected any of it had been whisked into the small chapel without even enough warning to change her clothes.

“I don’t suppose that was the ceremony you had envisioned” he smiled at her.

She didn’t answer but only turned to face him and managed a weak smile. She was clearly very overwhelmed.   Continue reading


Danson is asked.

“Danson” The elderly woman called, chasing the young night down the corridor as fast as her legs would allow.

“You’re Majesty” Danson bowed slightly surprised to see the kings mother chasing him so. Continue reading

Daniel takes an unexpected path.

“Awww this is your fault!” Sophie complained suddenly standing from her needlework. “You put the idea into peoples head”

“What are you talking about now” Daniel sighed, he was fed up of being blamed for everything, even more, because most of the blame came from his wife. Continue reading

The Kings Mother Has Her Say.

Sophie had changed, he didn’t know what it was. Then again perhaps it wasn’t that she’d changed at all. Perhaps the only difference was the way he saw her.

She was irritable and grouchy, then again so was he. He felt betrayed and manipulated it was bad enough coming from Gabriel but now his own wife was working against him.  

At least that was how it felt… Do this.. Don’t do that… Oh no you can’t possibly…

He was fed up. Continue reading

Deonte puts his foot in it.

“Come and give yer mam a hug” Clara grinned as Deonte entered the lounge with Wilham in his arms. “And give me a squeeze of that grand-babby”

Deonte smiled, “Merry Christmas, ma” he replied obliging her, after he’d settled the baby on her knee.

“Arh he’s getting big” Clara smiled, admiring the baby “What you feedin him Brit?” Continue reading

Valdermar Clean’s Up The Mess… Again

It was the first time in a long time Valdermar actually enjoyed Gabriel’s company, it was clear to all that Gabriel had been tottering very closely to a dark edge over the past few years and while he’d seemed to brighter for a while after the birth of Finnian, with Jaedyn’s admission and sudden death he’d seemed to take a great leap off that edge. Continue reading

Valdermar Deals With Gabriel

Not two minutes after Hannah and Holly had gotten Skye off and into a bath, Valdermar’s steward appeared at the door. “Lord Hamdun is here to see you?” he man smiled.

Peering out of the window at the blackness Valdermar sighed, “It’s going to be one of those evenings” he grumbled.  On the upside he’d not yet been down to see his sister to find out what she knew of the girl at least he could be grateful for the small mercy of being saved her rage.

Continue reading