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Some Answers But Not Enough

“I don’t understand” Perisa retorted “Why would someone do that?”

 “I have no idea” the red haired woman replied, “but it’s a good job my man here was watching you as I requested or you’d be hauled up in front of Daniel by now”

 “My father..” she stammered, looking towards where he father now lay upon the couch “Is he going to be alright”

 “He’ll be fine” the dark haired man assured her, looking at her with kindly eye’s his voice gentle almost soothing “he’s had the wind knocked out of him and we’ve decided it best to remove all his memory’s regarding us, we thought being kinfolk he’d be able to handle it.. but it seems he’s very much on team human” Continue reading

Abel Defends

Her father didn’t miss for a moment that Abel’s hand had gone to his sword. “Abel that are thing’s at work here you don’t understand, Persia has been though a lot but I need to take her to Daniel”

“What things?” Abel demanded “Things I should know about? Things I should have been told about before I married her?” Continue reading

Blood In The Water.

Persia opened the door to her chambers answering a knock, to find her father accompanied by two guards. “Father” she smiled, but her smile quickly faded when she realised by the stern face, that her fathers being here was business rather than pleasure.

“Persia we need to search your chambers” he instructed, not waiting to be invited he made his way in.  

“Abel is sleeping can’t it wait?” she asked, unable to hide the panic which ripped though her body, she hadn’t done anything wrong so why was she so worried.  Continue reading

The Man Who Made The Chair

Abel had taken the news of Thomas’s death unexpectedly hard and it had left Perisa feeling somewhat helpless. She could barely comprehend the news herself she’d not been close to Thomas the way Abel had, but he had been an important figure in her life and ramifications of his death where slowly filtering though ever level of the castle, there wasn’t a man or woman in service to the crown who didn’t now wonder what it would mean for them.

At first she’d thought Abel had just been upset at the loss of his king, but gradually she realised that it was more, more even than the loss of a friend. Abel had been charged with Thomas’s safety and while no-one else blamed him, he seemed to blame himself. Continue reading

Snakes in the Grass

Kaitlyn shook her head with disgust as she turned the corner of the stairs and saw her visitors. “Well I must say it didn’t take you pair long” she growled.

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Ailana’s Alibi

Danson waited patiently in the small chapel common room, it was well furnished but there was something about it that unsettled him, it was impersonal he decided.

It had been a long morning people though-out Grimstead where running back and forth the castle up in arms, however Danson could not quite fathom how he felt about the news that Thomas was dead. During University they had been friends, not closest perhaps drinking companions would perhaps be a better term, however since coming to Grimstead he’s seen so many sides of Thomas it was difficult to decide how he felt about any one of them. Continue reading

When the Bell Toll’s

It was early morning, the sun shone brightly the perfect spring morning but thought-out Grimstead The bells tolled, from one end of the kingdom to the other every church’s bells rang out loud,  they rang out true.

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