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Wet Spots

It was late when Perisa reached her chambers, she’d half expected to find Abel sitting waiting for her as he often did when her shift was long, but he was no-where to be found.

Heading into her bedroom she breathed a sigh of relief, if she was quick she could hop into bed and pretend to be asleep when he got home. Continue reading

Ailana Return’s

Danson headed towards the hallway, he understood of course why the gate guard had come for him this was a most unusual situation. “Lady Ailana” he smiled feeling slightly uncomfortable as the lady came into view “what are you doing here?”

She looked fidgety and nervous and for a moment she looked quite vulnerable but he watched with amazement as right before his eye’s she straightened and hardened “I left some things behind” she replied ridgedly. Continue reading

If Only

Daniel and Abel sat quietly in Daniels chamber’s. It was the first time the pair had found time to spend with each other in many weeks. “So how is married life treating you?” Daniel asked with inquisitive look. “I Trust Persia is not being as difficult as you thought?”

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Wolf’s Head

Thomas sat quietly in his chambers, the drink had long since nulled the senses and he took comfort in the fact. He’d lost her, the one precious thing he had in his life and she was gone, and if that was not more than he could bare she had gone to him.

He couldn’t continue this way, he couldn’t spend night after night in his room drinking himself into this state neglecting everything, neglecting the kingdom his father would have expected so much more from him.

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