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Duncan walk’s in on a private conversation

Duncan walked into Alices room without thinking.

Well that wasn’t strictly true… he’d meant to knock but when he’d heard her talking, he’d suddenly felt something rile up inside him. It was absurd really she could have been talking to anyone her father.. his mother one of the other Garou but instinctively he’d known…. Continue reading


Christopher has a visitor.

Christopher peered into Maegan’s room, it was late by the time he’d returned from his fathers estate and she was sleeping soundly.

The urge to check on her strong, he headed towards the bed. She seemed peaceful, if she had not seemed so perhaps he would have considered waking her but instead, he simply pulled the blanket’s up around her and kissed her forehead lightly before heading towards his own room.

His feelings for his wife confused him. He loved her and cared for her above all others. It had taken a while but he could now say with all confidence his feeling for her where stronger than those that lingered for Brittany. Continue reading

Orion Politely Refuses.

Orion could scarcely believe what the young woman was offering. She was standing here offering to give up the life style she had in exchange for being the wife to a man who didn’t love her and in truth had little to offer.

He’d looked for a wife during the past month but none had seemed very willing to take on his ‘gaggle’ of girls and a man who could barely feed them.  Yet here she was offering to do just that, a noblewoman of all things. They had barely spent more than a few stolen moments together in the weeks since their relationship had started, he couldn’t understand why she seemed so sure he was what she wanted.

Continue reading

Orrick tells Christopher how it is.

“I can’t” Christopher protested at the suggestion from his father that he take Emily home to The Hallow’s after the new years. “She and Maegan don’t get along”

“I’m sure Maegan can learn to get along with a child” his father reasoned, while Matilda sat on the floor at his feet tugging on her father’s trouser let trying to get his attention. Peering down Orrick smiled at the little girl before scooping her up and settling her down on his lap. “There’s papa’s big girl” he cooed Continue reading

Raeanne Open’s Her Heart

Orion frozen when he saw his visitor. “Anna, what are yer doing here?”  he asked seeming surprised.

“It’s almost Christmas” she explained feeling somewhat foolish. “I bought gifts for the girls”

“How did yer know where I lived?” he asked not budging from the door in a manner that made Raeanne’s heart sink. Truthfully gifts for the girls had been a somewhat frail excuse she could have easily given them to Christopher to pass along.  Continue reading

Isabel ask’s nicely

Anya sat in an odd state of awe and fear, she oddly no-long felt threatened the three powerful creatures stood no so far away discussing plan’s for rescuing the baron as none of them seemed to bare her any heed whatsoever. 

It was strange listening to them, Allard was un-usually tense which she put down to the predicament but it was clear there was no love between him and the red haired child. In fact he seemed to view her with an odd sort of contempt and loathing but likewise seemed to fear her enough to hide it as much as possible. Continue reading

Arabella Show’s Weakness

“Where is he?” Arabella growled as Anya found herself flung up against the wall. 

“I don’t know” the young woman whimpered, once again terrified as all pretence of it being human faded and the creature bared it’s fang’s “They took him” 

“Holy men?” the creature hissed, the blondness of her hair suddenly revealing how pale and dead the young woman actually looked.  Continue reading