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Marcus Feed’s

Marcus woke, it was still dark the sun not quite cresting the rooftops. Groggy and disorientated he heaved himself up to he could sit lent against the wall, the corpse of the first vampire lay hapahazardly on the floor covered in blood.

The very fact that the corpse lay looking as it did the night before evidence that the vampire had been young. Once killed Kindred deteriorated to the state their bodys would be in if they had died the day they’d been embraced.

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Danson Conclude’s

It wasn’t that he didn’t like her more that he didn’t trust her. Ailana had shown herself to have many admiral qualities and there was a great deal to like. 

For the most part he tried to give her the benefit of the doubt, she seemed as confused and lost as any fifteen year old girl he’d met.

Likewise however he could not deny that like the other Hamdun’s she had a scheming side and this was why Danson would not and could not trust his heart to such a woman.

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Ailana on a Limb

Ailana took a deep breath finding Danson in Gabriels study. The same study she’d lured Thomas into the year earlier.  This year however things were different no longer was she a foolish and naive girl following the instructions of brothers who had nothing but their own selfish interest’s at heart. This year she was an older wiser young woman putting her own interests first. 

Danson was not alone, he sat quietly talking to Daniel put seeing her enter Daniel gave her a knowing look and made his excuses before heading towards the exit. 

Even the alcohol could not temper the butterflies, terrified was not even the word for it. “Danson” she smiled. 

“Lady Ailana” he nodded, watching as she nervously took a seat at his side. 

“How are you this evening?” 

“As well as I was last time you asked” he replied.  Continue reading

The Girls Talk

Ailana swayed a little. It was true that perhaps she’d drunk a little more mead than was ladylike… infact judging by Dawn she had also drunk a little more mead than was ladylike. 

What had started as an innocent attempt to get to know each other had somewhat resulted in a couple of young women trying to drown their fear and uncertainty about the future in a jug of mead. 

It had all started here, in this castle Ailana decided the big fat mess that was her life. Continue reading

Dinner is Served

Marcus skittered unceremoniously across the floor as the first of his attackers knocked him flying. They were stronger than human but that wasn’t surprising however they did not seem to possess the speed of strength of some of the clan’s. 

If Vincent was correct and these where the children of the Cappadocian witch their clan was not famed for it’s martial skill’s, but judging by the random and somewhat crude vicious nature of the initial attack they also lacked the usual placid and somewhat intellectual nature normally expected of their clan as well.  Continue reading

Marcus Is Hunted

Marcus knew Vincent knew where he was, running was futile when your master was a vampire as powerful as the old Toreador.  One thought from his master and he and Anya would willingly and of their own volition make the journey back to him. 

The Ghoul however was relying on the vampires sense of respect for freewill, Vincent would allow them to choose their own path and for that reason he knew the vampire was no-longer a threat to him or Anya.  If they returned to him it would be their own decision. Continue reading

Ailana is Disappointed

Ailiana couldn’t help but smile as Danson headed across the room towards her. “Lady Ailana” he nodded. 

“Marquess” she beamed back as a million tiny  butterflies skipped in her stomach. 

Her interest in the man had begun merely out of a desire to catch a husband, but as the months had past her fleeting encounter’s with him had shown him to be possibly the noblest man she’d ever met.  Continue reading