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Abel has some ‘good’ news

Persia stood at the edge of the room, she could see her husband working. Was that even what it was called, they had been given an estate in desperate need of help. She knew it worried her husband greatly, it was all he could do to keep their head above water. She blamed Daniel of course, most knights would not have been given estates so large and most kings would not hand off their problems on another man.

Life with her husband was full of up’s and downs. For a few months around Christmas he had seemed happy for a time but since January his mood had once again slipped and he returned to the moody man he had once been.

Mostly these days he ignored her treating her while a mild neglect while he lavished attention and love upon their son. Sometimes she couldn’t help be feel a little jealous, of the baby. She loved her son of course but couldn’t help but wish he cared for her the way he did for their child. Continue reading


Asha tries to find a way

The rain ran down her hair and onto her face and into her eye’s. It no long stung it had been this way for long enough that the cold had made everything numb.

Finally ahead of her she saw her goal, the farmhouse on the hill, Faulkes home and the place she had been running too. She didn’t even know if he would welcome her. She was both petrified and lost in a world of confusion. Continue reading

Alice is Warned

Alice stirred, it had not been a fight. In a fight she might have landed a blow it had barely more than a massacre. She didn’t remember much beyond lunging towards the fury but judging by the pain she felt she’d been torn to pieces.

“You’ll live” Heather offered “You damn fool girl, what where you thinking?”

“Any news on my pa?” Alice ventured ignoring the scolding, heaving herself up into a sitting postion in the bed.  Continue reading

Lars on the spiral

Alice squeezed Tristen’s hand tightly as they breached the circle of the camp fire, all eye’s watching her she knew she’d been summoned because something was wrong. She had heard Duncan arriving on the wagon shouting and causing a fuss. She had tried to go out to him but Heather had stopped her saying she would find out what was wrong.

“What’s going on?” she dared asked, looking around the circle everyone was here.. well almost everyone, only Kaitlyn and her father where missing. Spotting Duncan in the crowd a sudden panic over whelmed her. Duncan had left with her father … if he was back and her father was not? What did that mean?

“Lar’s is missing” Bronwyn informed her. Her swollen belly now heavily pregnant with a child that was almost due any day now.  Continue reading

Ailana is made to feel at home

Ailana struggled uncomfortably with her gown, everything of Emily’s had been too small and everything of Raeannes had been several sizes to large. It was nice to be clean after two days sleeping in the back of a wagon wearing a bloodstained gown. Yet she couldn’t wait for the seamstress arrived, so she could finally begin to make her some clothes that didn’t ride up in uncomfortable places. Continue reading

Alice has an itch

“Your on heat” Tristen mused, kissing her forehead as the pair lay together on her bed. It was a rare thing they could be together so openly, so intimately on their own. Ever since she had announced the couples relationship her father and Kaitlyn had watched like hawks.

She knew her father did not approve, Tristen was not Silverfang blood and to their tribe marriage or mating to anyone of wolf blood other than another Silverfang was almost unheard of. Still she did not always feel Silverfang, she’d been raised on the farm with her mother where the purity of Silverfang blood had little meaning. Continue reading

Ailana Moves House

“Kaitlyn what are you doing here?” Orrick smiled walking into the lounge where she sat, along with Ailana.

“I’m sorry for intruding” she replied embracing him warmly, while she let her nerves and worry momentarily subside.  She’d sent Duncan back to the cabin with the horse to tell the garou that Lar’s was missing while she had headed to Orrick’s to sort out Ailana’s future. Continue reading