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Duncan is Still Disappointing

Alice sat quietly on the large rock near the pond, it had been an exhausting few weeks but Farid had now gone home and things where beginning to return to normality. I didn’t matter how much she told herself things would settle down, she felt strange like a hole had been torn right though her middle.

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Anya’s New Home

Anya looked nervously around the small two room attic Marcus had just rented for them. She wasn’t quite sure which village they were in she only knew they had headed back towards Grimstead and had at some point passed the Hallows. 

“There is only one bed” she noted, looking with distrust at the creaky double bed in the centre of the back room.  The room wasn’t quite up to the standard either of them where used to living in but it was clean and well kept.  Continue reading

Vincent let’s them go.

“Marcus is gone” Allard growled as he entered Vincent’s chambers where his friend was still pulling on his clothes. “His chambers cleared…. What is he thinking?”

“He isn’t thinking” Vincent replied. “He’s acting without thought to the consequences” Continue reading

Anya hears a proposal

It was all too much to handle. She had she decided gone simply insane it was by now the most logical explination.  Finding some comfort in the softness of her bed she climbed onto of the blankets and rested her head on the pillows.

“Are you going to just stare at me?” Anya snapped angrily as Allard stood unmoving in the corner.  Continue reading

Skye pulls a trick

“Well I don’t really know much about them” Anya conceded nervously. It was clear to Christopher she was aware she was being set up as she gave him nervous glances. “But I suppose if they are really and they aren’t human I guess they must be” 

“Why?” Skye asked innocently. 

“Because they aren’t human, because they hide themselves away and the story’s they all say … they are bad” Continue reading

Skye ask’s a question

“Oh no Chris” Anya exclaim as her brother came into her chambers with their nieces hand in his. “Why did you bring her here?”

“Because I thought she could help you understand” he reasoned, settling down on the sofa before pulling Skye to sit between them. Continue reading

Christopher has an idea

Much to Christopher’s relief Anya had calmed, she was still shaken and distressed and she could still not be trusted to be left alone for anything more than an instant. However despite everything that Vincent had told him she seemed to be holding together reasonably well. 

She was naturally struggling to accept that Vampire existed beyond storybooks and that made her fearful of everything in the house and her nightmares where getting progressively worse undoubtedly due to the fixation she had on what exactly the Baron wanted with her.  Continue reading