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Lar’s Sends Kaitlyn Away.

Lar entered the bedroom having read the girls a bedtime story, by that of course he meant they did the reading as he’s never learned how. All the same he loved listening to them. It always made him proud how clever his little girls where, when so many men in the villages couldn’t even read he had two very clever little girls who at barely six could read him tales of dragons and brave knights.  Continue reading

Vincent Reason’s With Asha

As the first flames licked at his skin he felt their heat scorching his skin, in this respect Luscious’s teachings had been correct Vampires did not like fire. It one of the few weapon’s they struggled to heal and the supernatural fear of it would send young kindred fleeing in terror. 

Vincent however was not a young kindred and briefly he was thankful for the lesson’s Hector had subjected him too over the years. Continue reading

Kaitlyn’s Losing Her Grip

Kaitlyn was in the kitchen preparing for dinner with Duncan not to far away reading his book at the dining room table when Lar’s came up behind her. She felt him pause barely inches away and hold for a second, “What do you want?” she asked uncomfortably.   

She heard him let out a short nervous sigh, before his hands came to rest on her waist. “Whats fer dinner? he asked.  Continue reading

Vincent tries and Fails

Tarik was in his chambers with Jasmine and the children when the alarm went off a cold chill ran down his spine, he and Luscious had been expecting visitor’s ever since they’d lost their werewolf prisoner.

They’d not known when it would happen or who would come first the vampires or werewolves but by the tone and pitch it seemed it was the vampires after all. 

“Blast it” he cursed jumping up from his seat.  Continue reading

Peter’s Usefulness

Vincent watched the scene with interest, noting how Brianna had tilted her head and clenched her teeth in anticipation. How she’d not struggled even though Peter clearly hurt her with his inexperienced feed, accepting of what ever he chose to do with her. 

Vincent found himself nervous, he wasn’t going to learn if she’d been trained this way. Even with her children just a few rooms away she didn’t fight, he wondered if she’d ever fought him in all their years of marriage. 

Just as he began to think Siren was wrong, Peter had no intention of playing with her and he was going to have to intercede before he killed her. Peter let go and woozy Brianna stumbled to her knee’s. 

‘Damn him’ Vincent cursed, noticing he hadn’t licked off the wound and the puncture wounds in her neck continued to bleed.  Continue reading

Brianna Tries and Fail’s

Brianna had spotted her husband and his visitor’s over the balcony, the distance had been too great to hear what they where saying or feel what they were feeling. 

Brianna knew that most people thought her somewhat simple. Her bravest action of the last 10 years had been retreating into the mountains with Tarik, giving her husband an ultimatum, if he wanted to be with her then he must leave the other women behind. 

Continue reading

The Vampires Arrive

 Getting though the gates of the castle was easier than either Vincent or Siren had hoped, Peter’s friends where given no more a second thought then the coffin still strapped to the roof of the coach. 

Leading them in side Peter opened the door to his family’s wing of the castle. Understanding Siren paused. “Vincent where are they?” she asked.  Continue reading