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Gabriel is Used.

The carriage stopped, it had travelled from early morning across Grimstead, picking up Gabriel along the way and it made the winding journey though the mountains along the tracks towards Darkfire Castle. 

Coming to a halt as the sun set, Gabriel peered out of the window. “Thank you for doing this” he nodded, “I’m not sure why you are helping me take my brothers body back home back thank you”  Continue reading

Lar’s Has To Do Some Explaining

Duncan had been bought up to the campfire and he now sat wide eye’d having been told about the gathered’s nature. Kaitlyn thought her son had taken the new’s remarkably well considering, it was apparent he’d suspected something strange though possibly not as strange as warewolves. 

Time had then been spent going around the ring, each werewolf and kinfolk alike telling tales of there own heroics against the wyrm. Heather had briefly explained that this portion of the evening would not normally take as long as it had but with the gathering being new it was an important they all understood what role each played in the war and what renown each member deserved to determine rank within the sept, and later help them decide on the position’s of leadership. Eire explained this was something like gaining rank in the army but to Kaityn it seemed more like excessing pea-cocking not different here than in the kings council.  Continue reading

Christopher Takes a Step Too Many

Maegan lay soaking in the bathtub while Anya ready to help, sat on the other side of the wooden screen ready to aid her out and help her dry. 

“Christopher told me about Baron Dacre” Maegan giggled “Fancy that, Arn’t you excited?”  Continue reading

The Moot Begin’s

Lar’s had been fidgety all day and Kaitlyn was sick of protesting about the whole damn affair he clearly wasn’t listening, he’d explained that not all the kin would stay here at the caern many would retreat into the mountains so when this evenings meeting was over she at least had hope that things would start to settle down. 

“Are we ready?” Bronwyn asked, looking at Lars before her gaze fell to Kaitlyn.  Continue reading

Duncan is Fed Up

Duncan watched out of the window, he was starting to tire of people shoving him aside, people had been arriving all day and they had already begun building new cabins and though no-one would tell him why they where here, it seemed apparent they intended to stay.

 His mother and Lar’s had been arguing all morning, he hadn’t caught many words he caught enough to know the fight was about him and something to do with their guests. Life at the cabin was certainly about to get interesting.  Continue reading

Ailana Is Invisable

“Abel you need to help me” Ailana insisted chasing her brother down the corridor. 

“I don’t know what you want me to do” he replied “I can’t make him like you?” 

Continue reading

Talking to Bronwyn

“So how long do you intend to stay?” Kaitlyn asked the young woman, trying to hide how unwelcome she was. Bronwyn seemed on the surface harmless enough, she had that touch of the wild Lar’s and Heather had, though she seemed more civilised as though she was used to company and interacting with folk such as herself. 

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