Ailana is asked to leave

Ailana turned as she heard someone approch her gaze meeting Orricks as he entered the nursery where she stood playing with Matilda.  “Did you want me?… or … “ she asked nervously. Orrick had already told her it was fine to play with the baby, but still she felt a sudden guilt as yet again the feeling of being an intruder washed over her.

So much was going on, the house was buzzing, people where scared and everywhere she looked there where terrified faces.  The nursery was the one place she didn’t feel in the way and the only place where the fear did not seem to occupy.   Continue reading

Dawn Refuses

Dawn fidgeted with her gown, most of the time she found married life incredibly dull. There was nothing to do in the barracks, no-one to talk to, no-one to keep her company save for a brief period in the in morning and then again at night when the maid came to help dress her.

Today had been no different, but at least her husband was home giving her a few hours company in the evening. Most days he was either out on patrol or up at Silverhand Castle, especially now that Daniel had deemed if fitting to forgive Danson for marrying her.  Continue reading

Dawn Knows

“Dawn darling, are you aright?” Danson asked concerned that if young woman paced up and down the room one more time, she would cut a deep groove in the floor boards.

They had been married several months but he still didn’t really know her, she was a quiet and withdrawn young woman, appealing and eager to please but she she kept a wall around her impenetrable and unyielding which no-one not even her young brother could penetrate.  Continue reading

Tarik is told no entry

The coach rolled down the hill towards Lars’ cabin, the journey to Grimstead was no longer an easy one since Daniel had closed the main pass and while Tarik had plans to re-open the main route it would have to wait till the weather was more favourable.  For now there was still a way though the valley’s but it now took much longer and was far less easy to travel so it they intended to make it on time for Asha’s wedding they needed to make haste.

They where still an hour out from Lars cabin when a dark haired girl carrying a drawn bow stepped out of the under growth putting herself in the way of the route ahead. Tarik recognised her as one of Lars’ garou but he could not quite place a name. Continue reading

Bailey Asks for Help

“Oh Bailey not again!” Lynette gasped opening the door to find her son standing in the rain with a young girl likewise soaked.

“Ma, it ain’t like that!” the young man protested, “Please ma they need your help”

“They?” she queried, peering around.  Continue reading

Fragment of worth

Orrick sat uncomfortably in his chair, you did not need to be a exceptionally intelligent man to know what had caught his eldest daughters gaze. Raeanne had barely drawn her eyes from the window in the last hour and it was no meer coincidence that the large blond soldier was skirting the perimeter of the grounds.

Damn he was a fool, he decided. Most men would have challenged her on her behaviour already. Yet despite not being an ordinarily reserved man he found himself struggling to face her. Perhaps it was mearly that part of him wanted her happy but perhaps it was more that he didnt know what to say or how to feel.
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Lorcan gains an alibi

“Your father must be a wealthy man to send you to university?” Lorcan ventured. Izzys company at dinner was pleasant enough and he’d been pleasantly surprised at how well they had gotten along.

As to all young men, women where a mystery…  however for Lorcan they had never especially been a mystery he’d wanted to unravel. Izzy however had been a pleasant surprise, she was not so different he decided, she could happily converse on most subjects and he found her both educated and exceptionally bright.
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