Tristen is warned

“What are you so happy about?” Tristen snapped towards Duncan as the two young men sat in the front of the wagon as it rolled down the foothill’s and out of the mountains. Duncan grinned back he didn’t feel like ruining the surprise just yet. Tristen truly was a dumb shit all his plotting and scheming and yet he had failed magnificently to spot a massive flaw in his plan and Duncan was going to enjoy watching as his rival’s plan’s landed in a heap at his feet.  “I would have thought you more subdued” the young man continued to press “I mean… if you get caught in Grimstead isn’t the King is likely to separate your head from your shoulders?”

“You really think Daniel is still looking for me?” Duncan chuckled, “He assumes me well gone, he certainly isn’t going to be looking for me at the wedding of a farmer in the furthest reaches”  Continue reading


Farid Gives His Humble Opinion

“Farid!!” Asha squealed running across the lounge and throwing herself into her brothers arms. While her father and step mother stood helplessly by. “I’m so glad you made it, I was so fearin you wouldn’t”

Falcon chuckled, “Your brother would not have forgiven us if we didn’t”

“But who’s looking out after the tavern?” she dared peeling herself from her brothers arms while trying to ignore the stunned look upon his face.

“Mael…. takin care of it” Farid mumbled, a strange look upon his face. She didn’t need to read his mind to know he had already read her’s. “Your…”

“Hush!” she hissed, trying to quieten him before he ruined everything.  Continue reading

Orrick comes to reason

Orrick rolled over sunlight was streaming through the back window and onto the bed, where Ailana still lay naked beside him.  He had to admit he had half expected to find her gone or at least dressed a pottering around in the other room and with that thought admission of guilt leaked into his mind. Continue reading

Orrick is visited by an unsettling feeling

Orrick looked out over the balcony, it wasn’t that he couldn’t have bedded the girl, It was merely that he didn’t want too. She was pretty enough, beautiful even. The truth was any man who said she wasn’t was lying to himself… but here in this house it felt wrong. He had built this house for Nicole, every beam and brick had been chosen for her and every room bore her mark.

Still the young girl he had left back in her chambers was not the only one to have a responsibility to their vows. He had pinned her down so tightly in a marriage contract that afforded her no room for maneuverer, if she did not provide him with children on his death she would get nothing.

So… with that said the least he could do was give the girl chance to fulfil her side of the bargain.  He would go back to her shortly he knew he would, he would do his share of the task at hand and even he knew he  would enjoy it once it got going.  Part of him enjoyed having her around, having someone to lie in his arms but the guilt of that enjoyment would overshadowed the pleasure itself.

“Damn you are an old fool” he declared to the blackness that seeped into the hallway though the narrow windows across the hall.  Continue reading

Orrick Removes Himself

Orrick lay staring at the canopy of the bed above him, Ailana had bravely nestled herself into his shoulder and her arm lay nervously over his chest. He had to admire her, she was clearly taking her role as his wife seriously and despite the fact that they both knew full well there was no love nor even attraction between them.

He knew…. What she was expecting and it was only right. He only had to see how good she was with Matilda to know like all young woman she wanted children of her own. Continue reading

Luke doens’t want to leave

Luke wrestled the small baby in his arms whose tiny fingered reached upward and outward grasping for her papa’s hair. “She’s looking for something to eat again” he chuckled, glancing towards Kiena who gave him a childlike pout by way of a response.

Kiena had not really bonded with the baby, she dealt with her when she had too. She fed and changed her without complaint, but she never really held her for holdings sake.  Still it did not matter Luke supposed, Megs got plenty of attention from him. There was plenty of time for her mama to come around,  realising what a joy motherhood could be. Continue reading

Maegan Knows

The door opened slowly and Helena watched nervously to see who her visitor might be, she sorely hoped it would not be Gabriel. She could not coherently express how she felt, the past few months had felt like a nightmare, even warm and well fed could not exclude the loss and nausea she felt at all that had happened.

She sighed with relief to see her visitor was not Gabriel but his young wife instead. The dark hair girl peered nervously around the door. Things had seen quite a turnaround at the castle, Lady Hamdun was no-longer held prisoner by her husband, instead it was she who was kept under constant guard as Gabriel feared she would try to escape for a second time. Continue reading