Orion is warned

Orion once again looked at the writing on the wall on the girls room, he was missing something. His initial thoughts had been that this had all the marks on the crazy Malkavian elder, the taunting games and the height markers left on the bannister.

However something didn’t fit, the attack on the steward had happened in broad daylight, while Orion knew it was possible for some powerful kindred to walk for brief moments in daylight it was incredibly unusual for attacks to occur during the day. Continue reading

Dawns Lady

Dawn watching in horror as her young helper twirled like a hurricane around her chambers. Dawn had always been a lover of peace and quiet, she had always enjoyed her own company and while her initial reaction to having a lady had not been one of abject horror nor had she truly been enthusiastic.

Watching as Krista tore another book from the shelf, she watched as the young woman carelessly flicked though the pages before dumping it unceremoniously on the table. “I’m bored!” Krista complained, “Is there nothing to do around here?”

“You could help me with this sewing” Dawn offered.  Continue reading

Anya Prays

Anya clung desperately to Brenna’s hand, as she dragged the little girl though the network of secret passages and tunnel’s which lined the walls of the Dacre estate. Her husband as a paranoid creature it seemed and for once she was glad of it, even though it had been several minutes since she had been entirely sure where in the house they were.

Finding a trap door she heaved it open, a dark ladder disappeared beneath. ‘Down… did she really want to go down… down was into the basement… the basement… was underground. Was that really the place she wanted to go? She asked herself unable to remember if there was even an exit down there. Suddenly she remember Vincent’s chambers, no-where in the house would be more secure.  “Come on” she urged, tugging on Brenna’s hand as she put her first step onto the ladder.  Continue reading

Tristen takes a turn

Tristen lay on the bed, Alice had no clue what had happened to him, he had been fine when they had left home but halfway to her mothers he’d gotten really sick.  Placing the cup of water down next to bed she couldn’t help but feel disappointed, she had so wanted to introduce him to everyone.

“How are you feeling?” she asked, softly noticing him opening his eye’s.

“I feel awful” he admitted.

Placing her hand on his head, there was no sign of a temperature. “You feel aright” she smiled, “Perhaps its just a bug, hopefully you’ll feel better tomorrow”

“I’m not so sure” Tristen replied, “I think I might miss the wedding”  Continue reading

Inappropriate Thoughts

Ailana stared out of the window, painfully aware of the soldier seated meer feet away. Biting her lip she could not get the previous night out of her head. Going into the marriage she had considered love making a necisary evil of wifely duty, but now having spent two nights in the arms of her husband she found herself embarrassed and confused by the realisation that she liked it.

There was something in the intimacy of it, it was a rare thing for her to have someones attention completely. While Abel loved her often when they spoke he seemed distracted, his thought too focused on matters out side of her and outside him none bar her mother had ever truly given her completely focused attention.
Continue reading

Dawn gets a friend.

“Dawn, I want you to meet someone” Danson called as he saw his wife skirting past his room. 

Hearing her soft footfall’s stop and then restart, she appeared back in the door way. “You called for me, my lord?” 

“Yes Dawn, I would like you to meet, Krista she’s a the granddaughter of Orrick Vaux. Do you know her”  Continue reading

Emily meets in secret

“You came” Emily squealed, dashing across the courtyard and tumbling without ceremony into the arms of the man she had very much longed to see. The only person who truly understood her.

“Of course I came” he smiled, “I would go anywhere for you”

“Even to the moon?” she begged, scarcely able to contain how much it meant that he had come all the way to the Dacre estate for her. Continue reading