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New Fourm

I’ve been getting a few private messages asking various questions about Grimstead Storyline and Rule Set alike.

So in order to facilitate a Q&A type community i’ve set up a small Fourm, now granted i don’t expect it to get a huge amount of traffic but still.

Feel free to pop over and sign up, I’ve added different catagories and will continue to add to it as the need arises.  I’m hopeing people will use it to ask about charecters, perhaps poke me when i haven’t made certain story elements clear, ask about custom content or make suggestions on who they want me to write about, pretty much anything really.

I do plan to start threads relating to specific charecter perhaps give some insider information i haven’t quite decided yet really it all depends on what sort of interest i get.

As always Grimstead is built on reader input

All is Quiet

Ok so i’m trying to work out why people arn’t commenting, my stat’s suggest that atm we have some new people working their though the story soo hello there. As well quite a few regular reader who are keeping upto date with the current stuff. 

Now last time i just assumed that the stat’s where the cause of random passer’s by landing here via google but not reading and i locked the blog down so only readers i know where reading could see it… only to have uproar from the lurking community… so i know your out there. Continue reading

Year Ends – 1040

Ok i am so super disorganised atm, everything is so behind i’ve just realised i didn’t even do a year end last round, so i’ll slip it into this one. Continue reading

Year End – 1038

I little bit late and not a compleate list as i didn’t finish this round.. things got abit muddled still i thought it was important to keep some track.

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Year End – 1037

Ages Doc – grimsteadages1037

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Year Ends – 1036

New Age Doc – birth-year

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Year Ends – 1035

New age Doc – birth-year

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