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Raeanne Looks for Skye

Raeanne skidded around the corner at the top of the stairs briefly pausing to catch her bearings. The Dacre manor house was large and the corridors seemed to go on forever. She had already passed a dozen panicking servants and by now it was clear that somehow all of the windows and doors had been magically sealed.

Working out where she was “Skye” she called over and over as she ran, she knew the little girl had been in playing in her room when the chaos had broken out.  Reaching the room Anya had given to the little girl she screeched to a halt.

The doll house was open and the toys where scattered but there was no sign of Skye anywhere to be seen. “Skye” she called again, panic rising. Her daughter was not prone to sensible action at a time of crisis where most children would run and hide Skye would have likely sought out the source of the commotion. Continue reading

Writing on the wall

Raeanne was fuming, her father was an old fool that she had long time accepted but never before had she considered him a pig until now.

Storming into the hallway she hurriedly ran up the stairs looking for him, she knew Ailana had told her in confidence but the young girl had been so shaken, so upset by the ordeal that Raeanne could not simply allow him to get away with it.

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Orrick demands reason

“Good Morning Orrick” Valdermar smirked as the nobleman led is new ‘wife’ into the dining room for breakfast. Ailana seemed quiet, demur and somewhat nervous … as he supposed most young women felt on the morning after their wedding. “How was the room?” he asked, “Or more importantly how was the wife?”

“Val!” Holly exclaimed.

“What?!” her husband chuckled, “He should consider himself blessed we didn’t all pile into his room at the crack of dawn to make sure everything was as it should be” Continue reading

Aliana gets some advice

Holly watched as her two sisters fussed over Ailana, it was a strange thing to watch them preening over the young girl. The whole situation was odd and while everyone thought she was being so reasonable and brave but in truth part of her had wanted to see the girl up close, see if she could see what the Hamdun woman had that had made Thomas choose her.

“Why are you being so nice to me?” Ailana asked suddenly, looking directly towards her. Continue reading

Holly invites the party

“What in blazes are they doing back here?” Valdermar fumed as he watched Orrick getting out of the coach that had just pulled up outside his home. “Your father is determined to get me killed!”

“Actually” Holly replied cautiously. “I may have invited them”


“Oh Val!” she exclaimed, “You can’t expect that girl to spend her first night as a married woman in a dingy tavern”  Continue reading

Ailana has a suprise

“Oh look at you” Raeanne exclaimed, seeing Anya for the first time. The bump of her stomach now clearly visible beneath her gown.

“You should not have come” Orrick warned sternly, “Not in your condition”

“Father I’m not an invalid” Anya smiled “Women have babies all the time”

“My daughters don’t” he chuckled moving to embrace her “Where is Vincent?”

“He’s away” she replied “But he offer’s you his best wishes. How are you Ailana?” the young woman asked finally turning to speak to her.  Continue reading

Raeanne refuses to give up

Orion clearly had not been expecting to find her at his door. Glancing briefly at the blade in his hand, he settled it against the wall before opening the door more fully.

“Expecting trouble?” she asked, her throat suddenly dry. Why was she doing this to herself? Why oh why was she here? Had she not embarrassed herself enough for this man? Had he not already made it clear she was not what he was looking for.

“Yer never know” he replied, matter of factly “At least not after a night like tonight”
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