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Raeanne Looks for Skye

Raeanne skidded around the corner at the top of the stairs briefly pausing to catch her bearings. The Dacre manor house was large and the corridors seemed to go on forever. She had already passed a dozen panicking servants and by now it was clear that somehow all of the windows and doors had been magically sealed.

Working out where she was “Skye” she called over and over as she ran, she knew the little girl had been in playing in her room when the chaos had broken out.  Reaching the room Anya had given to the little girl she screeched to a halt.

The doll house was open and the toys where scattered but there was no sign of Skye anywhere to be seen. “Skye” she called again, panic rising. Her daughter was not prone to sensible action at a time of crisis where most children would run and hide Skye would have likely sought out the source of the commotion. Continue reading

Emily meets in secret

“You came” Emily squealed, dashing across the courtyard and tumbling without ceremony into the arms of the man she had very much longed to see. The only person who truly understood her.

“Of course I came” he smiled, “I would go anywhere for you”

“Even to the moon?” she begged, scarcely able to contain how much it meant that he had come all the way to the Dacre estate for her. Continue reading

Ailana is made to feel at home

Ailana struggled uncomfortably with her gown, everything of Emily’s had been too small and everything of Raeannes had been several sizes to large. It was nice to be clean after two days sleeping in the back of a wagon wearing a bloodstained gown. Yet she couldn’t wait for the seamstress arrived, so she could finally begin to make her some clothes that didn’t ride up in uncomfortable places. Continue reading

Maegan learns about Orricks Heir

Maegan felt a shiver run up and down her spine and looking over her shoulder she realised why. Gabriel was heading across the room towards her.

Hurriedly she turned back to the glass, staring though the window across the Baeumont estate. She didn’t want to talk to him, she didn’t want to talk to anyone, least of all him. No one said it, but even she knew Orrick felt Gabriel had something to do with Christopher’s death. Continue reading

Orrick doens’t know what to do.

Orrick took a deep breath to calm himself. He was angry though perhaps not as angry as he should be, mostly he was just sad.

Matilda was recovering.. again.. and it seemed no lasting harm had been done but he was reaching the end of his tether. He needed Raeanne here hopefully her sister could help Emily where countless nanny’s had failed.

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Stupid Baby

Emily glowered at the enemy, she wasn’t often left alone with Matilda her father would certainly be angry if he found out the nanny had left them alone. 

She watched with interest from her position on the floor next to it as the small baby wriggled and coo’ed trying to roll from it’s back onto its stomach.  Continue reading

Matilda Takes A Tumble.

Emily stared at the baby in the crib, she was sleeping soundly not a care in the world. The same could not be said for Emily, Nicole’s second daughter to Orrick Emily had just turned 12, just turned 12 and watch her mother die in the same week.

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