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Maegan does not forgive

“Uuuugh! what are they doing?!” Maegan protested from the darkness.

Christopher chuckled, the rhythmic banging coming from the room above, evidence that while Maegan did not seem willing to entertain her husband’s affections. Her mother had no such reservations and even the knowledge that they had company did not seem discourage the pair. Continue reading

Slammed Door

“Maegan” Christopher called though the door for the fourth time. They had managed to get out of the house and away but the only safe place Arabella could suggest was Vincents estate.  

No sooner had the young girl been shown she’d guest room. She’d locked the door and was refusing to come out.

Christopher had no idea how much of what she’d seen she’d understood, did she know Arabella wasn’t human? He could hardly see how she couldn’t considering what she’d witness and yet the whole way to the Baron’s estate she’d mentioned nothing at all.

Continue reading

Arabella Corner’s Maegan

“Are you happy now?” Christopher hissed towards the young kindred.

“Not especially” Arabella responded.

Christopher shook his head in frustration before heading off after his young wife. Continue reading

Maegan Learn’s Too Much

Weaving through the corridors, Christopher half dragged Maegan along. He needed to get out of here and quickly.  He didn’t know who the men were but he was smart enough to guess.

Moving though Maegan’s chambers he swerved around her bed and towards the door to the servants quarters. With a little luck they could make their way down the back of the house and towards the backdoor. Continue reading

Christopher Finds Himself Charged

Christopher sighed and headed down the stairs, Raeanne was refusing  to leave and she had now started to make a scene. While he had no interest in speaking with her he had to admit he was now beginning to wonder if this was more than just wanting to make amends. 

“What’s going on?” he demanded reaching the bottom of the stairs. 

“Oh Chris!” Raeanne exclaimed as he came into sight. “Is Skye here?” 

“I have told her she isn’t” the steward interrupted.  Continue reading

Christopher Sends Her Away

Christopher turned to find Maegan standing in the doorway standing in her nightgown. “What do you want?” he asked with a smile.

Running in she bounded up and onto the bed like a great and excitable puppy. “I thought I might need to get here quick” she decided, “You’ve locked the door two nights running” Continue reading

Christopher Change’s The Plan’s

“Chris!” Maegan exclaimed as she headed into the dining room the next morning “Cook tell’s me where having Christmas dinner here?”

He grunted, it was about all he could manage the night before’s alcohol still pounding on his head. Looking up Maegan’s face turned from chirpy to sulky as she quickly realised it wasn’t a mistake. Continue reading