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Maegan does not forgive

“Uuuugh! what are they doing?!” Maegan protested from the darkness.

Christopher chuckled, the rhythmic banging coming from the room above, evidence that while Maegan did not seem willing to entertain her husband’s affections. Her mother had no such reservations and even the knowledge that they had company did not seem discourage the pair. Continue reading

Slammed Door

“Maegan” Christopher called though the door for the fourth time. They had managed to get out of the house and away but the only safe place Arabella could suggest was Vincents estate.  

No sooner had the young girl been shown she’d guest room. She’d locked the door and was refusing to come out.

Christopher had no idea how much of what she’d seen she’d understood, did she know Arabella wasn’t human? He could hardly see how she couldn’t considering what she’d witness and yet the whole way to the Baron’s estate she’d mentioned nothing at all.

Continue reading

Arabella Corner’s Maegan

“Are you happy now?” Christopher hissed towards the young kindred.

“Not especially” Arabella responded.

Christopher shook his head in frustration before heading off after his young wife. Continue reading