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Anya Prays

Anya clung desperately to Brenna’s hand, as she dragged the little girl though the network of secret passages and tunnel’s which lined the walls of the Dacre estate. Her husband as a paranoid creature it seemed and for once she was glad of it, even though it had been several minutes since she had been entirely sure where in the house they were.

Finding a trap door she heaved it open, a dark ladder disappeared beneath. ‘Down… did she really want to go down… down was into the basement… the basement… was underground. Was that really the place she wanted to go? She asked herself unable to remember if there was even an exit down there. Suddenly she remember Vincent’s chambers, no-where in the house would be more secure.  “Come on” she urged, tugging on Brenna’s hand as she put her first step onto the ladder.  Continue reading


Ailana talks to Brenna

Ailana smiled, it had been a strange sort of day. She had spent much of the evening in the company of the youngest Vaux and after a while had even been joined by Brenna. One of Orricks middle girls.

She’d never really been sure if she’d be a good mother, she’d never really been around many children to find out. It was a natural instinct in women she supposed and she suppose by the time she had a baby of her own she’d would have had plenty of practice with Matilda.

Matilda was a funny little thing, with tufts of hair sticking one way and the other not long enough to pleat or tie with bows. Barely two hours after they’d met and Matila lumped herself on Ailana’s lap, without thought or doubt.

Babies did not care for reputation, for rumour or tales … Matilda did not care that half the kingdom thought Ailana a dirty little harlot, she cared only that her lap was comfy and that she knew how to read from her favourite book.

Brenna however was different, she eyed Ailana with suspicion but also with interest. She was full of questions and each of those questions had been tinged with sadness and confusion. The little girl had not been cruel but it was clear her fathers remarriage really hadn’t been explained. Continue reading

Ailana is made to feel at home

Ailana struggled uncomfortably with her gown, everything of Emily’s had been too small and everything of Raeannes had been several sizes to large. It was nice to be clean after two days sleeping in the back of a wagon wearing a bloodstained gown. Yet she couldn’t wait for the seamstress arrived, so she could finally begin to make her some clothes that didn’t ride up in uncomfortable places. Continue reading

Orrick doens’t know what to do.

Orrick took a deep breath to calm himself. He was angry though perhaps not as angry as he should be, mostly he was just sad.

Matilda was recovering.. again.. and it seemed no lasting harm had been done but he was reaching the end of his tether. He needed Raeanne here hopefully her sister could help Emily where countless nanny’s had failed.

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Vincent Is Responsible

She struggled against the tall man, his teeth firmly sunk into her neck. For the first time she knew true fear but it didn’t last long the light faded and he threw her lifeless corpse to the floor. 

Shaking with rage as the blood coursed though his veins he turned his attention to Sophie“You know about that too.. didn’t you?” he snarled. 

“Yes” she admitted “Now can you save my brother?” 

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Skye Strikes A Deal

“What is going on here?” Danson asked turning the corner to find Skye and Brenna one of Orricks girls peering into the lounge where Anya was performing on the piano for the queen and some of the other ladys. “I’m sure if you wanted to watch they’d let you” 

“We arn’t watching Anya” Skye scowled, the dark hair she’d inherited from her grandmother falling carelessly over her eye’s before turning her back on the knight and resuming her careful observation.  Continue reading